As The Weather Turns…

And not to our benefit. For the first time in a while we had a rainy, overcast day. Not to anyone’s liking, though it did make for one of the more interesting weather pages. The temperature remained relatively warm but no one (dog included) was very inclined to head outside. So instead the twins tackled the giant container of coins that Grandma and Grandpa had been collecting. We worked on coin recognition, discussion of counting and organizing. There was a few US coins in the mix too which added some excitement to the sorting experience. They helped to collect enough change to create most of my float for Saturday as well. There is still more to work on, but we need Grandma to bring home some more papers to wrap them in.

Working together

Trinity got a super special treat today… last night Grandma whipped up (with fabric from the store) a pink version of the Nativity costumes in the smallest size she had! Talk about pretty in pink! 

So pretty

Side view

So of course Echo had to  get in on the fashion show as well!

So pleased with herself

Bitty Baby

We had a late nap for each of the girls to bring them back to cheerful and after Grandma got home and supper was said and done the boys all played Skip-Bowith her. 

Gaming with Grandma

Tomorrow we plan on heading out to get Emanuel’s hair cut and to the library for pj storytime. The search is still on full force for our ending of move miracle. We are working on making our time here as full and memorable as possible… once the rain stops we still have to map the neighbourhood, visit downtown and go to where Grandpa Mike works, which is coincidentally where Ken and I graduated university. There is also a viking ship at the information center that could use a closer examination! Anyway… another late night and still more to do with the craft sale prep. Remember go HERE for the info!

I seriously cannot get over how grown up she looks

2 thoughts on “As The Weather Turns…

  1. The over fabric is quite the bright pattern! She is so happy with it!! I am finally seeing her growth in a more visual way 🙂

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