Beaches in Minnesota…

July 27-28

When you have 2 extra kids and all are restless what is there to do??? Well… take them to a beach! And here in Minnesota there is no shortage of those. Trinity was feeling under the weather the night before and the day of but well enough to join in on the fun. The park we went to was called Centerville Beach. This is a park that we actually went to back on our last visit. Though not nearly as warm a day so we went on the paths and walked with Cory. 

It was actually a lovely day for the beach. The water was (I am told) warmer than it usually is due to our rather warm and consistent weather. Yours truly took the job of photographer while Baba and Ken spent the bulk of their time in the water. Echo was less than enthused by the park AND the beach… it was full of her nemesis… SAND! So at first she kept herself strictly to the grass filled areas. 

In her element

So we had 6 kids in the water and one running amok on dry land. All in all great fun. The sun was not too harsh AND I even saw some herons! 


In the lake

With their cousins

Note Ken in the back

Baba and his Baby

Pretty much wore everyone out which was good as we got home, had pizza, let the kids watch a movie and then BEDTIME! Which leads me to Saturday. A much more laid back sort of day as we were waiting on Ken’s brother Joe to come collect his kids and then head out to Sam’s Club to get a family membership and FINALLY some shopping for a cross stitching kit to keep yours truly more busy. 

A good start

This was Echo’s first meeting of her US uncle. She was reticent but there is plenty of time to work on that. 

Joe, Ken and their dad

Hanging with Uncle Joe

Oh and did I mention, Karyn got herself a brand new kitten??? I got to Skype with her and Miss Loki Friday night!!! VERY cute, I am so envious… I cannot wait til we get settled and hopefully can get our own little furry friend. 

Skyping with Karyn and the kitty

Are we coming to the realization that here is where we stay (by here I mean Minnesota)… sorta… but we will!

Enjoying some together time

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