Sometimes you come across a mystery and then other aspects of the story strike you along the way… this book was amazing that way. The main character is Ivy, who laughingly calls herself a little old lady or an LOL. She is sprightly and thoughtful and… without feeling like you are being spoonfed it – an amazing Christian. Through out the story she has wonderful conversations with friends who are debating their own faith. Hers is strong and wonderful like a beacon but she takes each conversation and really thinks about the other person, their point of view, why they feel that way, how they are and are not able to just believe… she does not judge, she does not walk away when one friend is not yet ready or shove her faith down there throat… she listens, she talks and she shares. It is LOVELY! 

But even beyond that lovely aspect there is the mystery – the murder of someone she is acquainted coupled with the defacing of some cemeteries and the natural death of another dear friend. You meet Dix, the young detective who does not just ignore our LOL’s ideas… the neighbour Magnolia and her husband who is larger than life and a host of other character. 

There is a touch of romance, well potential romance and the creation of some new friendships and along it all we see Ivy take full advantage of her “invisible” status. She realizes, really early on that as a LOL she has this invisible feel to herself… people overlook her and what she originally thought was rudeness seems to be an aspect of growing older and blending in! Lorena McCourtney does and AMAZING job with this book, the first of the Ivy Malone Mystery Series. I knew at the half way point that I was hooked and that I WOULD be looking for more of these gems!

The ending is a bit of a surprise and definitely not all cut and dry I love Ivy and her firm belief in God yet her open heart and mind… So this is a series I would recommend, to the Christian with a love of a good mystery and honestly to the mystery lover who like a good cozy with a heroine with backbone! So check it out!!

Christian Mystery Series

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