Demon Hunter and Baby… a Review

Another book another review. This first in a planned series by Anna Elliot is a terrific paranormal series. Aisling is a demon hunting mother of a 9 month old baby whose baby daddy is a Knight of the Templar (talk about a major complication and a big time no no) who works for a water elemental with an office full of characters. 

You follow Ainsling as she deals with avoiding her ex, fighting demons, raising her daughter… oh and stopping the fall of the veil and the end of life as she knows it! You begin delving into her past, realize her future is uncertain and her love life a mess… or non-existent, depends on how you look at it. 

I absolutely loved this story, the characters and the fast paced action… enter into a world where demons exist, Templar’s have power and hunters work hard for their living. Ainsling is a mother after my own heart – ready to give her all and dedicate herself to her child she is absolutely certain that the best thing that ever happened to her (regardless of the unplanned circumstances) is her darling baby Willow. I am absolutely going to hunt down the second in the series when it is released!!! Be sure to check out Demon Hunter and Babyand add some paranormal mystery in your life.

Demon Hunter and Baby

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