Dinosaurs – Coelophysis

With the original series we ordered for Emanuel for the next two years in back order we have had to fall back to an old favourite to fill his time with learning and fun… I am sure many of you who know Emanuel would realize what that is – DINOSAURS! We went online and looked around and let him choose the dinosaur he liked the look of. First on the list was a tricky one to say –  coelophysis pronounced see-LOH-phiss-iss. This little carnivore is thought to be a rather nasty critter – not only was it a meat eater but it is generally thought that it also ate its OWN young! Add to that the fact that it ate living or dead animals and was one of the oldest dinos and you have a rather nasty little critter. Emanuel loved it. 

A friend on Facebook did some searching for me and here is what she found… First off TWO videos on YouTube… check them out, they are both brief.

A great resource that you can sign up for for free and where we found our short list to choose from is LearningPage.com. I will most likely be adding them as a permanent link on this site. They had some interesting resources. EnchantedLearning is always a great resource. Luckily this gem was not one of the pay fors as we do not have our subscriptions back yet. Check it out HERE. I need to check out this Kidsdigdinos.com site a little more but the blurb on our dino of choice was rather helpful! You can find that link HERE. I did my own google search and found THIS colouring page site. You can never have too many colouring pages! 

Emanuel really enjoyed his foray into dinosaur learning so we asked him to pick ANOTHER dinosaur… the next one – Nodosaurus! I will post links etc for that one too of course! Please send any info you have on dinos that would be fun for our little ones my way!! 

Our dino fiend

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