Haunted House for Sale… a Book Review

As of Christmas Day I am the proud owner of a Kindle Fire. So now reading ebooks is so much easier! In fact, I just finished a book in record time! And it was a fun one! Haunted House For Sale by Jane Monson. A Haunted Paranormal Mystery Novella. You right off meet real estate agent Catherine who was in the middle of helping her friend Lori buy a new home.

After numerous houses the find a hidden gem with a low asking price. What a shock for Catherine when she walks in and sees a body in the middle of the floor… even more of a shock when Lori walks right through her completely oblivious to it all. Now she has to deal with a rather grotesque looking ghost who is determined to have Catherine solve her murder AND deal with selling the “murder house” to her determined friend.

Add in a dishy detective and you have the basis for a wee bit of romance as well. I enjoyed this novella though the description of the ghost is a little more gruesome than I am used to. The characters are engaging, the mystery interesting… all in all a rather enjoyable afternoon read.

Haunted House For Sale

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