A Story By Zander…

I felt this deserved its own blog entry. With all the illustrations we are learning to create ¬†thanks to Art for Kids (link on right) the creative juices are flowing. In this case we had the how to’s for a spider, a rose and an adorable penguin. And this is what Zander came up with!

The Art

The Story

And here is his story typed out for easy reading!

The penguin was going to get a rose on an iceburg for her mother. The only problem was a spider was guarding the rose. She had an idea that if she could distract the spider she could get the rose. She distracted the spider with a puppet spider. She went home and they lived happily ever after!

(As usual this story was dictated word for word onto scrap paper for him to then recopy in his own hand.)

I am so proud of him, his willingness to draw the pictures AND create a sweet story to go with it! Seriously check out Art for Kids! Their site is a constant inspiration for us and our school program!!!

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