Dinosaurs were a world wide phenomena. The Abelisaurus was found in what is now Argentina, South America. This Cretaceous period dinosaur is a bit of a mystery as only one skull has been found which is badly damaged on the right side. A lot can be determined from this single skull though, combined with location and era. This carnivore had large holes in its skull called fenestrae above the jaw. It is likely these were present to lighten the weight of the head or to work as a sound amplifier or olfactory sensors.

We have TWO videos regarding this dinosaur. The first from I’m a Dinosaur.

And the second another How to Draw by 123Peppy.

Now for our links. This potentially down scaled Tyrannosaurus Rex has limited information available, but EnchantedLearning has a fact sheet HERE. For an estimated size comparison to a human being you can check out The Dino Directory HERE. Prehistoric Wildlife has a brief article HERE. DinosaurKing has general statistics HERE. Animal Planet has an interesting colour rendition of the head of the Abelisaurus HERE. Dinosaurs.about.com covers our dinosaur HERE. Wiki has an article HERE. We got our colouring page from the blog Dinosaur of the Week: Armchair Paleontology HERE.

Quite the predator

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