So in celebration of FINALLY getting back on board with our (hopefully) daily dinosaurs with Emanuel I am posting a few of the ones that have been awaiting editing and such to go up on the site!!! So please enjoy a look back at our own personal paleontology internet dig.

Some dinosaurs are simply interesting to look at, and the head of the Pachycephalosaurus is no exception. Found in the forests of North America, this herbivore had some of the carnivore characteristics that remind us of the T Rex… the upright posture, the smaller front legs… From the Cretaceous period, this was the largest of its species and while its head could have been used to fight it is actually believed that the Pachycephalosaurus would have made use of its large hind legs by running away.

Now for videos… the first is a question and answer period with Dinosaur George. Sadly, the link he gives for the intriguing Dracorex does NOT work.

Our second video was an unrealistic but entertaining excerpt from a dinosaur game… Trinity and Emanuel enjoyed it at least.

And now for the link list…

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  • Animal Planet HERE
  • Jurassic Park Wiki HERE
  • 3D History HERE
  • HERE
  • EnchantedLearning HERE
  • National Geographic HERE
  • Wiki HERE
  • And our colouring page at HERE

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