Homecoming… a Book Review

Homecoming, a Wisconsin Reunion Romance is written by Janet Wellington. With a quote about cats at the beginning of each chapter, this contemporary romance is a lovely light read.

Cory and Jake were high school sweethearts until matters intervened and they each went on their own path. Jake’s Aunt Tillie who passes away a month before Jake could return is the catalyst to bringing them both together once again. With a history to clear up, a present to deal with and an unknown future Jake and Cory have 3 months of home renovation and cat placement to contend with.

This story is well written, with characters  you can’t help but fall in love with. I found this to be a two afternoon read with a wonderful happily ever after ending. Learning disabilities and Alzheimers are dealt with along with loss and the process of getting over grief. There IS one rather intense sexual encounter later in the book but it is easily skipped past and the actual occurrence is rather important to the plot. I will definitely be looking at other books by this author for a light summer read.


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