Lucky Charm… a Book Review

After heartbreak and betrayal, Annabel Green is newly single and without direction. Enter aspiring clothing designer best friend Lilly who is on her way to Paris for a Fashion Week. After passing on a date with a dashing entrepreneur Lilly decides it is time for more drastic measures. A trip to a palm reader later and Annabel is in possession of a lucky charm necklace and ready to head out for adventure.

After a whirlwind romance in romantic Paris Annabel is ready to believe in the power of her talisman. Secrets unravel and the heart’s strength is tested. Lucky Charm by Marie Astor is a wonderful contemporary romance. Set in New York and Paris, the cast of characters are varied and interesting. Annabel is hurting but not broken and bestfriend Lilly has her own issues to confront. No one in Annabel’s life is perfect or 100% happy but by the end of the book happiness is rather┬ácontagious.

I really enjoyed this book. There is not an abundance of high description sex scenes. Annabel, Lilly and her cousin Meredith are interesting characters and you can’t help but love the office staff that Annabel works with… for the most part. Lucky Charm is a wonderful easy weekend read!

Lucky Charm

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