The Army Doctor’s Baby… a Book Review

I am absolutely in love with these contemporary romances by Helen Scott Taylor. She has an amazing way with words and I absolutely love how her locations are in Britain. There is something absolutely lovely about stories based in the UK. The Amy Doctor’s Baby is unique in that not only is the mother Olivia a single mother but the father of her child and all the male members of his family are a part of the military. Active service in fact… including the patriarch the Brigadier.

The story begins with the eldest son Radley coming home on leave from his stint as a specialized military doctor only to find new mother Olivia in his parents’ sitting room with darling baby George. The ex girlfriend of his brother Cameron, she was left in dire straights when he questioned the parentage of her son. luckily Sandra, Radley and Cameron’s mother steps in and helps out leaving Olivia safe and able to continue her studies left out of necessity when she had complications in her pregnancy. 

With her emergency c section Olivia is left unable to watch George alone and Radley is home to help. Our romance goes from there. What I love about this story is that the pace of the romance is slow. The history of both characters is examined in some detail and the relationships of ALL the principle characters are taken into consideration. 

You absolutely feel for Olivia and fall in love with baby George. Even the errant Cameron is redeemable while Radley is a knight in shining armour! A lovely romantic read… Be sure to check out others by her: A Family for Christmas (HERE) and A Family Forever (HERE). The Army Doctor’s Baby is considered a novella as well, so a must have for those rainy days!

The Army Doctor's Baby

The Army Doctor’s Baby

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