What a Week!

June 27-28

Well after the excitement of the zoo and seeing their buddies we had to have journal time… Emanuel and Trinity did amazing nature journal pictures. Though Trinity’s was an imagination picture based on animals she saw.101_2885

101_2887We had our paperchain to make in vibrant red, white and blue…101_2886

The sunroom just seems to be a wonderland for the kids to do their schoolwork in. A nice change from being in the basement.101_2890

So we continued our Independence Day learning…101_2891

And had another rather enjoyable dino dig session.

So much unearthed

So much unearthed

We checked out Nana’s flowers on her trellis. Purple and pink and lovely!photo (82flower)

We had ice cream sandwiches.101_2898

…and I finally got together the necessary supplies to make Trinity her own Relax Bottle/Time Out Timer… I have to admit we are all soothed by the gentle movement of the glitter… you can find the instructions HERE thanks to My Crazy Blessed Life!101_2899

The girls even took a walk with Sean and Ken.101_2902

Friday brought a continuation on the same learning path in the same sunny room…101_2906

101_2905Ken managed a half day with time to work on the playset.101_2911

While the kids drew and created their own amazing art on our paper roll.101_2909

The masterpiece

The masterpiece

There has been some nice progress on the playset… AND Ken finally put up the carset on the wall.101_2928

And we got a special package in the mail. The beginnings of coin collecting with Gammie!101_2925

So we ended our week working on much the same as we started… but progress on all fronts AND a special day right in the middle.101_2913

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