Post Party Slow Down

August 19-21

After all the fun celebrating Echo’s 3rd birthday it was back to normal school time outside on the Monday. All this sunshine is so lovely!101_4253

We finally had the time to do our August mini poster.

They got imaginative this month!

They got imaginative this month!

And enjoy another Wild Kratts episode.



On Tuesday the boys wrote their own comic strips… I hunted for some templates online and we went from there. Anything to be creative AND utilize our growing lion knowledge.101_4259


Don’t forget chatting with Aunty Esther on Skype!!! We miss her soooo much!101_4257

On Wednesday I noticed the neighbours across the way were having another garage sale so we headed right over in the morning to check it out. It was good that we did, we picked up some old National Geographics and books at a great price.

That is a Dr. Seuss book I have never been able to budget in as well!

That is a Dr. Seuss book I have never been able to budget in as well!

We realized that the day was going to get hot fast so we went right from our garage sale shopping to emptying out and refilling the pool in a new location in the yard. Time to put off schooling and enjoy the weather while we could!101_4261

Such active helpers

Such active helpersAnd then a refill and we had a surprise cousin infiltration!

101_4264101_4269These moments are so wonderful. I am so lucky to be home to enjoy and to instigate them!!!101_4267

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