Christmas With the Schwartz Family

December 22

Yes yes, ¬†November will be rehashed but first… lets share some Christmas 2015 cheer! Our parties with friends and family have always meant the world to us and with the bulk of our friends (who are family) up north we were ALL excited about the opportunity to have a Christmas celebration with friends closer to home.102_0187

This was our first celebration of the year and our first PRESENTS of the year! But first, the making of the gingerbread houses. We went with a process Renee learned about through Nathan’s kindergarten class where you use a school milk carton (thank you Mrs. Speltz for saving those for us!) and graham crackers instead of the basic gingerbread pieces. Much better structure! Each of the kids had their own to decorate with a combination of bought sweets and Halloween candy. Talk about creativity!10888147_10152550296407727_997171063_nIMAG0866

102_018610881347_10152550296332727_462094515_n10904777_10152550296347727_1344162956_n10893810_10152550296352727_394258487_nAnd then, once the kids declared themselves done the adults took over and made one a piece.IMAG0873

Supper was delicious pulled pork and assorted nibbles. I think we ALL ate more than our fill.102_0191

Look at that masterful pour by Chris

Look at that masterful pour by Chris

And then… presents! I got to give out the first of my handcrafted pieces personally. All were well received. I am especially pleased with how the Pikachu turned out for Renee… Ken tried a new process to us called Felting. Lots of jabbing and loose wool and the possibilities… well things are going to be even more interesting craft wise around here! You can find the Pikachu pattern I used HERE. This deviantArt artist is AMAZING!¬†






All of the kids were really happy with their presents, although I think Trinity with her toy bow and arrows was the most pumped.

Of course we had to take a group picture! What a crowd!102_0195

102_0198I do have to show off my special gift. Renee knows me so well! LABELS for my crochet projects! I am dying to make an afghan or blanket and sew one on! Sadly I ran out of found yarn on a blanket I was making so have to remake it before I will have one done but they are so cute! And my favourite colour – BLUE!10868294_10152956347806151_274196724871734689_n

There is something spectacular about a friends who are family Christmas isn’t there!

Of course Mystro pictures as well!

Of course Mystro pictures as well!



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