The Lighthouse Mystery … a Book Review

Now we are slow to post but relatively quick to read. This was the case with The Lighthouse Mystery by Gertrude Chandler Warner, the 8th in the Boxcar Children series. We actually had to go digital with this one, which seems to add to the struggle. I think both Gavin and myself prefer the personal touch of a paperback book over a kindle in hand.

I found this mystery did a lot more foreshadowing than any of the others. Which was a definite change from the previous. The kids have also grown up. The oldest brother now is in college during the school year and the children all a little older. I do like the progression. You really SHOULD read these books in order to ensure you don’t end up ruining previous mysteries.

I love how the main goal of this family is to make themselves and everyone around them happy… there is always some wish of improvement or some person of interest they just want to help.

The mystery is interesting, the kids funny as usual and grandfather absolutely well connected and wealthy… But that is enough from me… here is Gavin! Beware of potential spoilers.


I like that they were able to rent and go live in a lighthouse. I like that the dog had a huge part in solving the mystery. And that they met a lot of new characters. My favourite part was that the dog kept barking, it was funny. I liked this mystery better than all of the other books EXCEPT FOR the first book. I like that there was a dangerous rescue. It was an awesome book! I think that anyone, especially kids could read it and have fun.

And there you have it… 11 year old’s genuine opinion shared! Seriously though, I feel like this is a series for most anyone. Especially if you are reading with a child! So check them out (in order preferably). 51z3IAVrwvL._SX340_BO1,204,203,200_

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  1. Thanks Gavin. I want to read these to my grand kids when they’re a little older and their attention span isn’t the size of a gnat! 😉

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