A Mother’s Day Murder… A book review

Well, it may not be Mother’s Day coming up but I picked up A Mother’s Day Murder┬áby Dee Ernst as a lucky free find all the same. This is the first in a series – Mt. Abrams Mysteries. And was an interesting read. Dee Ernst wrote this book around a more mature main character – Ellie Rocca, a divorced mother of two who now works from home running her own business as an online editor of books that would otherwise be self published. With a grown daughter trying to find her way and an elementary aged daughter just starting to grow she is a busy woman in a rather traditional suburban town where “nothing happens”.

That is, until something DOES happen. I found this contemporary mystery book to be a rather fun read, though I agree with other reviewers in that there are a lot of new characters coming at you very quickly. While I did not write out a cheat sheet to keep track of them all I was sorely tempted.

The love interests are interesting, the main character honest about her confusion and feelings and a total trouble magnet. There is some suspense, a touch of romance, some tongue in cheek reflections on suburban life and characters I would definitely like to learn and read more about. At only a little over 2 hours suggested reading time I would probably consider this a novella, and happily there are more available in the series.28228211._UY2250_SS2250_

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