Seeing Santa

Well it is that time again – our traditional visit with Macy’s Santa with Nana and Baba. We actually went early this year what with Nana and Baba’s visit being over Thanksgiving. (Zander is in blue stripes)20161123_160022

I cheated and ordered our two new dresses off Amazon, and at the last minute! They got in the morning of our trip to the cities. 20161123_142231

The boys lucked out with a combination of new Walmart sale find shirts and an old favourite for the boy who misplaced his new shirt. 20161123_141948

Some photos, Dad and Baba done their work and off we went.20161123_151957

img_20161123_152224The display at Macy’s is basically the same thing every year with small additions. We figure this year there are a few new animals out. 20161123_160912

20161123_161542We took quite a few photos. Though every year we find it takes less and less time to go through the display. 20161123_161344

20161123_16141320161123_16145420161123_161606The real draw is SANTA, of course. 20161123_162118


Official Santa pic.

Official Santa pic.

After Santa was letters and snacks and more photos. img_20161123_171648

We have one final tradition – after all the seasonal fun it is off to Culver’s for dinner. 20161123_174712

We were so glad Nana and Baba could be here for something that this year marked the beginning of our Christmas season.20161123_160800



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