An Experiment… For Me

So in the wake of the new school year and the deluge of photos of perfect rooms and spotless homes… I figure I will mix it up a little. For the month of September I plan to post a picture a day (not something new for me, I know) on Facebook and once a week here of the 7 days. But these won’t be my normal pictures. These will be un-cropped, no special filter… no time taken to get the perfect shot. I want to post a picture a day. But I have some rules:

  1. no cropping 
  2. point and click, the only focus is to ensure the image is IN FOCUS
  3. take as wide a shot as possible; there is more to my home than the tidy bits
  4. be honest, even if I feel as if it isn’t overly flattering… well that is the point
  5. one a day minimum, that is not to say that there won’t be multiple honest images! 
  6. I will continue for the whole month and hope others find them interesting, if nothing else it is a reminder to myself that I am not hunting for perfection. Rather I am working for joy, love and progress.

So, we shall see how this little experiment goes. I have a nasty suspicion that I unconsciously and consciously edit my pictures more than I would like to admit. I wonder how my life looks with the landscape wide lens on???? Wish me luck! And let me know what you think!!!

3 thoughts on “An Experiment… For Me

  1. I wish you luck for your Sept Goals. Oh! I love you blog. I just started exploring and reading your entries.

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