Dishpan Hands in a Child Rearing World

I must toot my own horn… after Ken left for work today I sucked it up and did almost all of his dishes. I have been after him to keep up on that chore – it is his to do, I cook and do most of the others… but we were up late again last night – I did not get to bed until AFTER Ken got home from night shift so instead of spending a couple hours on the Wii I decided to get as many of the dishes done as I could.
Today we managed to get all the extra party supplies and goody bags done. I got stuff that says happy birthday will pretty close to the same colours as my baby’s first that I ordered online. Usually I would just go with a plain colour but the happy birthday stuff was close enough in colour and still cute. I also ordered the cake and have made another list for Wednesday.
We are taking Emanuel off the mango/apple stuff for a while, I think it is causing a face and bottom rash. Figures, he has pictures next Sunday. I am putting vaseline around his mouth before he eats too. We also took him off the carrots, they seemed to go right through him. He definately has a touchier stomach than the twins, more like me in that respect. I think I am basically ready for the party. All we need to get is food… oh and clear out AT LEAST half of the twins’ toys so that we do not end up with a HUGE mess with all the people here. That has to be done on Wednesday though – when they are over at Grandma’s. Just easier to avoid the inevitable temper tantrum if we did it otherwise.
Well, with all but 3 dishes cleaned, most put away and the livingroom back in one piece… I guess it is bedtime for me, Emanuel has already had his "midnight snack" and is back in his crib. Tomorrow I have to try on my bathing suit to be sure I have something to wear next Sunday. It never stops!
…and as soon as I finish typing that I hear the baby! It really does NEVER stop (oh I guess after next week he will no longer be "a baby" … oh well until we have #4 he is my baby… actually they all are my babies… how sad is that?).

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