Moments are Worth the Hours of Stress

You know when I get to the end of the day and really think it through I realize they are happy more than it feels during the day – this morning Emanuel gobbled down his cookie and Zander noticed while they were watching Little Einsteins and came over to him and said "cookie?" and gave him a piece of his! and then he asked him "more" and proceeded to share the rest… it was so sweet – course an hour later he stole a toy from him yelling NO BABY but it was a sweet moment!!
I have a new short term goal, I want a spanking free day – I know I cannot avoid time outs and squabbles and fighting and probably yelling on my part but I would love to not have to spank. Today alone I went into their bedroom while they were napping and Zander was climbing a bookshelf… he knows better – they are so smart, I am just hoping that I can work doubly hard and get them to understand that being good is not a bad thing. I think I can do it – this morning Emanuel slept until 6:30 and then I got another 20 min relaxation on the floor before the twins got up. Granted they got up grumpy but it is a start!
Mom and I took the kids to Subway yesterday and the boys would not sit in their seats while I ordered. I said to the servers I truly do not raise them in a barn and they said no they are boys and cute it is not that bad. You know I needed to hear that! One woman even said she thinks boys are the BEST. Funny how sometimes just a quick moment can make you feel so much better (or in some cases horribly worse)… like a stranger smiling at someone. I need more of these moments in my life right now I think.
I have become caught up in a new anime – I blame Ken – Bleach! So many episodes and we are only in the 20’s though it is killing me that there is no strong romance. I guess I am just a romantic at heart.
So life is pretty much same old same old… crappy weather means we stay inside, Ken is at work in the city and I am working on yet another Christmas present. Here’s hoping tomorrow is sunny both outside and inside our little home!

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