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Happy Canada Day!

July 1st is our yearly opportunity to be very visible and very Canadian. This year was a little different… Emanuel was still away at the Scout Camp with his friend Aidan until the evening. So we did our usual photo shoot with a twist.20170701_094925









There was a meet up with our homeschool friends for some swimming or club (kid’s choice) with Nate and Bella as well. 20170701_105006

We TRIED to head to the zoo but apparently it was the day to go. So instead we turned around and headed to our favourite beach. Since the weather was a little on the cool side and cloudy it wasn’t packed. We didn’t spend much time in the water but really enjoyed the sand.

With Maple the Leaf

With Maple the Leaf

20170701_13072020170701_13300120170701_13370520170701_131403After the beach it was home for showers and then off to collect our absent Canadian. On the way there we stopped at our 3rd Tim Hortons so far. This one is rather close to the Novak’s house. I actually meet what I assume is an owner of one of the franchise. After a lovely conversation about the new stores and my coming from Canada to Minnesota he comped us 40 Tim Bits!!! So I left that store with 80 Tim Bits, an Ice Cap and a wonderful experience.IMG_20170701_162643_194



After a visit with the family and delivery of their Canadian goodies it was off to McDonald’s (Echo’s request after the aborted trip to the zoo).20170701_185250

We rounded off our Canada Day with a table of Canadian sweets. Ken made traditional and mint Nanaimo Bars (we had to order the custard powder off Amazon), Maple Cookies sent by a friend, and Tim Bits. Not bad! Next year buttertarts?IMG_20170701_211904_989

We redid our group photos on the 2nd to get a full group shot.20170702_095901






Not bad for a Canada Day that wasn’t able to be celebrated IN Canada.20170701_095149




June… July… August…

Well, moving right along! August is a few things – Echo’s birthday (HERE), full on summer, this year a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Mike (HERE). Sunshine and walks to the YMCA with a little school mixed in. August is always a balance of sunshine and activity.20160803_175259

We had full on track and field fun for Zander. I was lucky enough to make it to one of his meets. He may not be fast but he really has some stamina. And he LOVED it.img_20160804_202321

fb_img_1471563205010fb_img_1471563193930img_20160811_212313We spent as much time, if not more, at the YMCA. I am amazed at our ability to do that 2 mile one way walk, 3 hours at the YMCA and then walk back. There is some grumbling and arguments, but we did it and for the most part we ENJOYED it.img_20160823_131208

20160822_123421We visited the beach.img_20160803_175143

Hung out at parks.img_20160823_212334

20160823_153620We tried out the new YMCA facilities at Forest Lake, which included a lazy river!img_20160831_193125

20160831_182548Went to ANOTHER YMCA in Shoreview with our YMCA buddies who live down the road from us to try out the outdoor pool complete with diving board.20160814_140036






20160814_131012_burst0120160814_13081920160814_130703We continued our swimming lessons AND our time at our local YMCA pool, of course.img_20160814_185517

20160822_11285620160815_11110620160825_182830We had the Schwartz family over to celebrate Echo’s birthday.20160817_194631

20160817_205347_burst01Spent time in the pool in our own yard.img_20160811_142013

20160810_141527_hdrI snuck in crafting time as much as I could.img_20160819_101105

img_20160826_224505And Echo played in the rain.img_20160812_203309

We learned about the Summer Olympics.img_20160825_142248

img_20160818_115238And FINALLY moved our large and gorgeous Narnia cabinet into the classroom.img_20160818_151951

img_20160829_121516Cousin Robbie came for a visit on his new bike.img_20160821_185707

img_20160821_19310020160821_193417We gamed with Aunty Shandai and Uncle Ravyn.20160820_220244

And I tried my hand at some baking.img_20160829_165725

Even our garden… well the cucumbers… are flourishing.1471552528098

Some schooling AND school planning even occurred. Sometimes in fancy dress!img_20160811_112524

1472589140749We made this summer COUNT and I am so proud of us for it! So enjoy our August while I ready September. The year is coming to a close and I am ACTUALLY catching up!!img_20160810_143842


Post workout

Post workout









Grandparents Who Came Down From The Up…

I may just have watched the movie Home a few too many times (referencing the convenience store scene). Anyway…

This was a pretty big deal – a year after Grandpa Mike’s last visit when he buzzed through on the bike and TWO years since Grandma had visited we welcomed them down for a little over 4 days of fun, sun and conversation. It was a GREAT visit. We had out and about things… at home things… AND they brought us CANADIAN things! Which is always a hoot for the whole family (this fall I totally need to model my brand new windbreaker from the college Ken and I attended – thanks again Mike!!!).20160802_134114

FB_IMG_1470336417777We had to cut out YMCA visits since we decided to focus on family while they were here. We did still manage to go Monday and Tuesday to morning club (and Emanuel to his Young Scientists class) and Zander went to BOTH of his track sessions. After all the THURSDAY was his first MEET! Actually, we left the grandparents in charge that night and headed out just the 3 of us to watch him go.IMG_20160804_20232120160804_173658

But first things first – Tuesday. As soon as they got here there was a truck to unload. And boy did they pack in the stuff… the biggest surprise for the kids was the dollhouse mom had kept at her house since the boys were wee things. Along with boxes of accessories. So much fun has already been had with the house and will be had for a long time in the future I do believe.FB_IMG_1470336406868

FB_IMG_147033644883820160802_162424The other hot item was a brand new Monopoly game. Honestly we are cursed when it comes to that game… a board rarely lasts long for one reason or another. This one uses CARDS instead of cash… and the machine makes a very satisfactory series of beeps.FB_IMG_1470336413317

IMG_20160802_230655We ate out that night as Ken and Zander had to head off to Track and Field. McDonald’s for the win – a super treat for our family who rarely go out to eat.20160803_153700

Wednesday we had to do our yearly testing for school. So we had an at home hang out and catch up day followed up with an evening visit to our very favourite beach!!!20160803_173907

20160803_17521320160803_180022IMG_20160803_175143IMG_20160803_180004Thursday I booted the family out to the Como Zoo while I hung out, cleaned, crafted and generally did things one does at home without kids while they slowly went stir crazy! I am told great amounts of fun were had by all!IMG_20160805_221232

Friday was one last at home day with a lovely walk to the park for a nice visit full of sunshine and playing.IMG_20160805_125754

So we had an amazing balance of out and about with home and comfortable. There was laughter and catching up and hugs and GRANDMA HAIR!IMG_20160805_21295820160802_204646

A trim too!

A trim too!

20160803_185215IMG_20160803_191739I know we talked about this visit for a while after with great fondness already. I am so glad we were able to show Grandma and Grandpa Mike around out little neck of the woods some and share with them some of our favourite places. Definitely a visit full of memories.IMG_20160805_221351