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Did You Wear Your Green?

March 13-17

On Thursday it was the twin’s turn to work on their pinewood derby cars. Sadly we all sort of fell apart to a rather nasty cold which had our school week light and our napping heavy!!101_6474

This is all part if Gavin's master plan I am told.

This is all part if Gavin’s master plan I am told.

We did make a Sam’s Club run that has started a new family tradition. If the kids can at least attempt to behave on our shopping trip we then agree to have a post shopping snack. The prices on their food that is ready to eat are AMAZING… and also include a family favourite – pretzels! It is a great way to bypass the frustrated kids in line at the cash. Ken stands in line with the purchases and I have them sit at a table and order food to share. 5-6 dollars and we have some pop, pretzels and even a hotdog or pizza slice (that is really like a quarter of a large pizza!). We even caved and chose the more difficult cart to push around to humour the girls.20140313_115647

998127_10152289084531151_1641340283_nIn fact, once the car working was done and the sickies were STILL sleeping it was back to the Lego game. Having that table out has saved my bum during the sick time.1979895_10152289244221151_1315922711_n

Friday was quiet learning. Mainly things like watching Veggie  Tales and then going and doing the Sunday School sheets or what we have now started – Dirty Jobs. We are watching episode by episode and then doing a reflection journal page about it. Trinity is drawing and then I write, Emanuel drawing and then copying two sentences and the twins 4-5. We are working on having a title for our pages – Dirty Jobs Episode whatever… and on working more on telling all about something not just simple sentences. Anything to expand our work and our skills!

Keeping tabs on our week thanks to Activity Village

Keeping tabs on our week thanks to Activity Village

Saturday was a special day. We had plans to meet up with Matt and Fran and their twins again… but this time at IKEA for our favourite family lunch – meatballs! Although, with kids still recovering we had smaller appetites than usual. I really need to carry some ziploc in my purse for extras when we over order!1962794_10152292930601151_1719002751_n

1601402_10152292932241151_2146416814_nAfter lunch it was time to go across the street to MOA and the Lego store. They have this great play area out there for the kids to build.1964785_10152293088701151_314343813_n

Echo and Izzy

Echo and Izzy

101_6488101_6489I was especially excited to go… this is the only place that has a Typo store for my favourite pens AND Body Shop (except airport where I never fly anyway to get into the store section and when anyone does they are closed) for my facial soap.101_6483

I could not resist.. I had this sort of pen in high school!!! 4.95 plus tax!

I could not resist.. I had this sort of pen in high school!!! 4.95 plus tax!

Sunday was really nothing special. We had way too many sick kids to do anything and no Sunday School so it was a lay back and enjoy naps and rest…101_6491

And time to set out our leprechaun trap! Because we all know Lucky Charms are the perfect lure! Sam’s Club had a double box on for sale so the kids were over the moon… as long as the leprechaun didn’t take off with the goods!101_6511

Monday was St. Patrick’s Day. With kids still suffering from this cold we did the best we could with our Green clothing. Got the picture in at the very least… but no green lunch.101_6512

101_6513Trinity and Emanuel were starting to bounce back so we focused mainly on THEIR St. Patrick’s Day fun.

Emanuel's cover for his dinosaur book we read together

Emanuel’s cover for his dinosaur book we read together

Playing a number game

Playing a number game

Father, Son and Holy Spirit on a 3 leaf clover

Father, Son and Holy Spirit on a 3 leaf clover

Not the most impressive start to the week but it is great to see that even limping with illness we do get a wee bit done each day. Progress is progress! Enjoy the random MOA pictures!101_6478





Feathering the Turkey and Surviving a Mall Trip

November 9-10

Zander: For being able to do crafts

Gavin: For the sun and moon and stars

Trinity: For songs

Emanuel: For my friends

We of course put another feather on our turkey. Today it was Trinity’s turn… she chose friends. We are having a lot of fun with this craft. Everyone wants to add a feather.

And the cape is back on

I love this Thanksgiving historical website. So we spent a THIRD day on the site. This time going over the timeline of events including the immigration of the Pilgrims and the eventual war the Pilgrim and Wapanoag ended up fighting against each other. We have learned more about how conflicts popped up over misunderstanding and actions that while natural to one of the group of peoples were foreign to the other. Each of the boys chose a time of interest and did up a picture and had me help them write out some information about what we learned.

All done

As it was Friday we did NOT have a new dinosaur… instead I dug out our old Dinosaur movie that we had purchased back in Canada and had Emanuel and the girls sit and watch it. Emanuel decided to draw what the movie called  the “largest” carnivore (which we all know has since been reputed…) Tyrannosaurus Rex. He really is working hard on his pictures and painstakingly copied the letters to write the dinosaur’s name onto his sheet.

Careful work

We had another beautiful fall day so the boys went out and ran their hearts out in the afternoon while  Trinity and Echo watched. The girls wore pj’s well into the day as Trinity declared that that afternoon/evening’s special trip out would require DRESSES for all the girls in the family. With my pretty toes I was right on board with the wish to wear sandals.

Here I am, toes and all

First though, we had to practice our poem. Echo is determined to learn the actions and be a part of this… too cute!

Helpful baby sister

Now for the big activity out for our WHOLE family: Heading to MOA, or in long form – MALL OF AMERICA!


We had a few stores to check out for various reasons… Victoria’s Secret to get underwear with coupons (bonus), stop in at the Body Shop to make sure they DO have my face soap (I have some left but there is only the store in the MOA and the airport!), a quick stop in at LUSH to check out seasonal products (got some Christmas ideas) and then to the BIG stop that the kids were looking forward to – LEGO LAND! It has gone through some definite changes since we came there years and years ago! But fun!


After that it was a stop off at Rainforest Cafe to pick up some plates for a friend…

Rainforest Cafe

And then a wander around to see some of the very unexpected and interesting…

A whole store for PEEPS?

We had dinner at the MOA… there was a great deal on some yummy Japanese and a very rare treat for the kids (I mean SUPER rare)… Happy Meals!

Trinity and her dinner

After eating it was definitely time to head home. It amazed me that there were security guards at all the exits and VERY visible. A huge change from the Mall in Edmonton. We didn’t have any issues but at the same time it was different.

Checking out MOA’s fishies

Saturday is often just another day for us with Ken not working outside the home… yet… Of course we ARE still Thankful for so much!

Trinity: my Kai Lan teddy

Emanuel: Grandma

Gavin: having Mom and Dad make breakfast

Zander: time

With no plans outside the house we settled down to work on our sorting of the last box of Lego/Mega Blok mess. Sadly the two brands do NOT connect together well so we are on a mission – sort the two and then put the Mega Bloks in the van for trips. I think the kids are rather excited about that aspect!

Sorting the blocks

Ken had afternoon plans of boardgames with the guys so we took the time in the afternoon to relax. Sunday is Memorial Day here in the US or Remembrance Day as we know it, so I printed off some worksheets for us to work on off of my absolute favourite British site – Activity Village. I have missed the ever familiar poppy pins everyone wears in Canada! We did our sheets and talked about things and watched a video that had the moment of silence in it Saturday to ensure the kids DID experience it properly. You can find all of that HERE. With Echo’s rather out of sorts behaviour and mild cold it is WAY easier to do so when she was napping in the afternoon than trying Sunday morning.

Zander’s poem portion

Emanuel drew in the cross with the hearts for the dead soldiers because we love them

Trinity and her pro job colouring the very familiar Poppies

Gavin’s pages from the poem Flander’s Fields

We did ONE book review today on another advanced copy of a book. You can find the kids’ review HERE.

Basically we spent most of the day sorting Legos, and I think EVERYONE is determined NOT to mix the two again! Quite the production.

And then seriously, in November… POURING instant RAIN??

A Weekend Apart!

July 6-9

Friday marked the beginning of TWO adventures… We coordinated with Karyn AND Esther to work everything out relatively smoothly. We drove from the Bleau’s in the morning stopping off at Karyn’s work to collect her keys and say hello… oh and drop off two owls for Lauralee and Victoria! From there it was time to drop off the female portion of our little family at Karyn’s apartment in time to terrorize the cat and tidy the rooms. 

With Esther running behind schedule (as per usual) even with a quick stop off at Dollarama for a few necessities (ie. toothpaste for Trinity) we had enough time to get the dishes mostly done and carpet vacuumed before she appeared for a quick snuggle and visit. 


 That marked the beginning of the boys’ adventure – Aunty Esther collected them at Kristen and Fydo’s where Ken was finishing up with our sort  through and helping with some furniture movement into their now almost completely finished basement and they were off to the city for THEIR holiday from US!! 

In the meantime the girls and I sat back and enjoyed the quiet that is Karyn’s apartment and waited on Karyn finishing work. Now how to spend the evening? Well with girly things including doing HAIR…

Note the pro action with Echo

And blowing bubbles.


And apparently eating cereal with unicorns!!!!

Snack time with Unicorns

The next day it was time to enjoy our day to the fullest. I had received something rather special in the mail thanks to Karyn… a birthday card from my Dad and StepMom with spending cash. Karyn’s bank was open so we were able to change it over to Canadian and it was  time to head to the mall and get to the serious business of shopping!! But before that a special homemade breakfast by Karyn – raspberry pancakes, fresh bacon from the Farmer’s Market and Pepsi… cuz we rock that way!

Pre breakfast sunshine

Note the sheep inclusion


Let’s see… we started at the MACS counter where I purchased a brand new foundation with some extra sponges. 

Dressed to impress

Then there was the Body Shop (of which there are TWO in Minnesota… I checked! One in Mall of America and the other at the airport??) with its clearance items and a lovely 3.00 lip colour. We wandered some more just to see what there was to see and then headed over to Winners where Trinity got a special shirt – Hello Kitty of course – for being such a well behaved girl. 

You can see the shirt here

I waffled over a maxi dress that after checking out Old Navy with no success I returned to purchase along with a new pair of sunglasses (finally, that morning my old ones just sort of popped apart after years of use and abuse!)… 

Shoe break

Don’t forget lunch! A mall lunch of anything we felt like… Trinity had frozen yogurt and I got myself some Umi Sushi Express. Don’t forget our traditional poutine which was Karyn’s meal of choice. 

Lunch at the food court

We were SUPPOSED to have dinner with the guys as Ted and Sean came up to help Ken search through his Magic cards for the ones he plans on selling (seriously we downsized EVERYTHING). BUT they got all jumbled in their meal choices so we gave up on waiting and ordered in another favourite! Indian Flame Indian Food!!!!! SOOOO good!


After some more time on the balcony enjoying the sunny day the girls went to bed and we settled down for another special treat – Blue Eyes tea and cherries. Remember Blue Eyes from the Library High tea? Well I was able to pick some up from the source for the event and bring it to share with Karyn. And it was worth it! Combine the lovely tea and fresh fruit with HEDGEHOG time and silly movies – Spice Girls AND the Beatles movie… and our day was… AWESOME! 



And hedgehogs oh my

Sunday morning was a little more stressful with a tired and hot baby and a cranky little girl. The weather has held out at warm for so long everyone just feels sticky. So we sent the girls along to Ken that afternoon and took a couple hours of together time which included finishing laundry AND going to DQ for food and ice cream. 

Ted and Trinity’s new sweater

Sean and Kristen

We ended up at Kristen and Fydo’s for some more visiting… Sean and Ted had already left but got to play with the girls some… and then it was time to say good bye, head back to Karyn’s for the stuff we left there and head back to town. WITHOUT the boys! As, until Sunday evening they were at Esther’s and then that evening gone over to see their cousin Jimmie. So not only did we see MORE people, do MORE things but we did it with TWO kids!! CRAZY!!!!!

Just the girls, note Trinity is ASLEEP!

And that was my weekend… WOW! 

Oh and a special thanks to Kristen who snapped this one one night this weekend!!