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Patchwork Family in the Outback…a Book Review

Well, I know I haven’t mentioned this one the blog yet (being so far behind as I am!) but this is our time to learn all about Australia and all things Australian. It has been almost a full month now of amazing facts and interesting dialogue between ourselves and the friends online who live in Australia currently. While searching for books at the library (and I may add someone else is doing the same topic and chasing me for resources! ACK!) I came across some fiction books under the same keywords. So what is a girl to do but request one and give it a go! So… here goes!

First off, Patchwork Family in the Outback by Soraya Lane is one of a series called Bellaroo Creek (which is also the location they are set at in… you guessed it… the Outback). They are also NOT the inspirationals I usually read, rather a Harlequin Romance, though still soft and without great detail in regards to intimacy… a sort of, kiss kiss fade to black but we darn well know what those two got up to… sort of story.

Basically Bellaroo Creek is in need of a teacher, otherwise its school will close and families will have to move (or as we have learned, take radio school… though this option is not discussed in the book). This is a huge fear for single father Harrison Black who regards life as one bitten always shy… no twice about it… when his wife jumps ship to move to a more urban center. Enter Poppy Carter, wooed by the one dollar a month rent and the chance to make a difference after her own disastrous romantic history.

I enjoyed this book on a rather light hearted, easy read sort of basis. There is no religious component and the speed of the story is relatively quick. I don’t know how true to life it would be, this Bellaroo Creek in the Outback and would love it if someone could fill me in either way.

What I found interesting is the isolation and how the characters reacted to it. I wonder how I would feel out where you really have to depend on those things at hand and people near by with the understanding that outside that bubble is quite the drive to get to more.

The characters are endearing, the issues spring up from the past and the current weather/land/seasonal change. So there is no true bad guy dipping a finger in the pot. I liked that. The intimacy description was well within my comfort range though at times I wanted to swat the man upside the head. So, if you are interested in a light read based in Australia… give it a go… and please let me know if you do!17570295

The Lighthouse Mystery … a Book Review

Now we are slow to post but relatively quick to read. This was the case with The Lighthouse Mystery by Gertrude Chandler Warner, the 8th in the Boxcar Children series. We actually had to go digital with this one, which seems to add to the struggle. I think both Gavin and myself prefer the personal touch of a paperback book over a kindle in hand.

I found this mystery did a lot more foreshadowing than any of the others. Which was a definite change from the previous. The kids have also grown up. The oldest brother now is in college during the school year and the children all a little older. I do like the progression. You really SHOULD read these books in order to ensure you don’t end up ruining previous mysteries.

I love how the main goal of this family is to make themselves and everyone around them happy… there is always some wish of improvement or some person of interest they just want to help.

The mystery is interesting, the kids funny as usual and grandfather absolutely well connected and wealthy… But that is enough from me… here is Gavin! Beware of potential spoilers.


I like that they were able to rent and go live in a lighthouse. I like that the dog had a huge part in solving the mystery. And that they met a lot of new characters. My favourite part was that the dog kept barking, it was funny. I liked this mystery better than all of the other books EXCEPT FOR the first book. I like that there was a dangerous rescue. It was an awesome book! I think that anyone, especially kids could read it and have fun.

And there you have it… 11 year old’s genuine opinion shared! Seriously though, I feel like this is a series for most anyone. Especially if you are reading with a child! So check them out (in order preferably). 51z3IAVrwvL._SX340_BO1,204,203,200_