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Wishcraft Mysteries… a BookS Review…

Wow was that improper sentence structure or what?? But I couldn’t resist sitting down, rereading and then reading all that are currently available in Heather Blake’s Wishcraft Mystery series. My Cousin Veronika totally got me hooked on these before I had left for Minnesota. In fact, I read her copy of the first book in the series and loved it enough to purchase the second (and apparently NEVER go back and get the first book, unless it is hiding in some corner of some random Rubbermaid tub I have yet to properly sort… could happen!). This time round I requested #1 and 3-6 from my local library (I so love my library card!) and got to work reading them all.

First off… for those interested, a list of the books in order! I wish more books would have the number they are in a series on the binding. It makes life so much simpler. Anyway…

  1. It Takes a Witch
  2. A Witch Before Dying
  3. The Good, the Bad and the Witchy
  4. The Goodbye Witch
  5. Some Like It Witchy
  6. Gone with the Witch

Instead of reviewing each book individually I think I will just give my overall opinion. THOUGH if you want to read a previous review for the second book (A Witch Before Dying) feel free to check it out A Witch Before Dying.

Heather Blake has a real gift for creating a world that you cannot help but enjoy and immerse yourself into. The entire series begins with a set of sisters… Darcy and Harper who are unaware that they come from a line of witches who can grant wishes. Their mother passed away when Harper was born and their father recently died which has left the sisters at loose ends.

The Enchanted Village is all things enchanting with a mix of witches and mortals and a few in between. What I love about this series is that the characters are so well developed, the entire village is full of interconnected souls that you just want to know more about. From Aunt Ve, to young Mimi (the daughter of Darcy’s love interest), to a rather unique parrot named Archie who is WAY more than he seems.

The mysteries are a cross of magic and mortal and the who done its are interesting unto themselves. I did find that the main “nemesis” of Darcy’s was instantly on my do not like list (as I think the author intended). We shall see if there is a redemption there, BUT I don’t want to give away anything or lead you down a path.

Another wonderful aspect in this series is that there are various extended mysteries that run through multiple (if not all of the current) books. In retrospect I now see how if I was REALLY intending to figure it out there are clues here and there but am actually rather thankful that I was not able or focused on sussing them out. The reveals to these intriguing mysteries were as wonderful as the journey to the solutions were.

I think if you enjoy some magic with your mystery and a little love to boot this could be the series for you! I know I am looking forward to book #7!20160731_203420

Another Week of Crafting Progress

If nothing else this larger blanket project has reintroduced the concept of being accountable for progress. And I have to admit, I rather enjoy the challenge. I meant to measure my stripes and my rainbows but time, life and all that fun stuff simply got in the way. So instead I gave it up and just made sure I had moments of relaxation all centered around this special project.IMAG2248

IMG_20160120_210120On top of the blanket I also dove in with the cotton sent by the same dear friend to make washcloths, facecloths and hot pads. In fact, I have a nice collection from the month of ¬†January now… I will, of course, share the links. I a especially fond of the vintage style hot pad from Amy Polcyn HERE. I made sure to make one slightly bigger than the other for larger dishes.IMAG2236

I also tried the Big Girl Pot Holder/Hot Pad by Laurie Laliberte HERE. It was a bit unusual in its final incarnation but I do like how thick it is.IMAG2238

Elizabeth Ann White has a rather nice leaf washcloth/hot pad… I made it with a single strand and I think it could double as a small container hot pad HERE. Sorry, no picture. I will work on that.

My favourite has to be one that my cousin Veronika linked me from Adventures of a DIY Mom HERE.IMAG2239

There was a cut in the yarn so my pattern changed, which I love one the one on the right.

There was a cut in the yarn so my pattern changed, which I love one the one on the right.

For dishcloths I did a stack of a nice simple pattern from Little Monkeys Crochet HERE.IMAG2241

And for variety for washcloths did up one set from Crochetspot.com HERE.IMAG2235

I also made a nice set varying the colours from Miss Abigail’s Hope Chest HERE. I figured they were too pretty for dishcloths but about perfect for facecloths.IMAG2242

SO on top of random projects I made some good progress all round. I hope these links are helpful!IMAG2250


Ending a Month to Enter Another

May 31- June 1

I am a wee bit biased… June is my favourite month. Let’s see… my birthday, our anniversary, Father’s Day isn’t half bad… the boys were baptized in June… and the first day of summer… It is my first in the states and has given me a bundle of confusing emotions… homesick a wee bit I might add as there is another special moment to remember starting this June – my dear cousin Veronika is getting married!!!! I am dreadfully sad to have to miss it, but darn it… immigration moves slowly for those who are not willing to pay money into a lawyer.

Anyway first we need to END the month… so… Friday… Day one of the intrepid paleontologist Emanuel’s first dig. He has a box set up that we can store in the garage and it is all his show. He found the tip of a bone on the very first day! Everyone is rather jealous, but in the end this is something Emanuel is truly in love with, like Gavin and his art.

The clay block he begins with

The clay block he begins with

101_2257Perfect chance for art in the sun… nature art!!

Working on the front steps

Working on the front steps

We have changed it up a bit with the reading now that our school program is over with Pizza Hut for the year… now the kids are reading for their younger siblings! Adorable and great practice telling stories to other people.101_2260

Did you know Batman is good at helping with workbooks???101_2263

Oh and after a long month+…. A COMPLETION!!! PENGUINS! I am beyond proud on this one… we learned so much and we did it together! We all learned something new and COOPERATED! Bask in the penguin glory! Oh, and enjoy the resources we share in the next blog.101_2264


We even topped the day with some rather impressive (and according to Ken who had to run out and cover the straw bale gardens painful!) hail.101_2268

What is a week without a weekend?? Let’s welcome in June with a Saturday… Time to spiffy up the twins with new buzzed haircuts thanks to Nana, Baba and Daddy! Not bad!!101_2273


All done

All done

But even before that… HOME DEPOT! They made adorable wagon pencil holders… note that Trinity now has her apron too!101_2269

And then some shopping with the whole family… flip flops for the twins and a new swimsuit for Trinity… With the rest of the day freed up for play and relaxation… June has begun, lets hope the weather gets a little more consistent with some sunshine.

Fun in the sun!

Fun in the sun!