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Gallimimus… the Chicken Mimic!

Our newest dinosaur is a slightly famous one… it was shown on Jurassic Park (though I am warning you – scientists are NOT at all sure they ran in herds…). This late Cretaceous dinosaur was found in the plains of Asia. With it’s long stiff tail, tiny front limbs and beak like mouth it is not a huge surprise that this dinosaur has been compared to a bird. We have two videos about this little meat, plant AND insect eater! First… I’m a Dinosaur.

And the other, the clip from Jurassic Park (the movie) that included this dinosaur running in a herd formation (again not something scientists can prove).

This is the largest “ostrich dinosaur” found to date with its very birdlike looks. It was a runner and definitely built for speed. You can find a great little blurb about that on Rareresource.com HERE. There is a map and a nice article on Age of Dinosaurs HERE. Of course the Jurassic Park page has their information and a still from the movie HERE. Kidsdinos.com has their usual page of information and graphs HERE. DinoDictionary.com has a great size comparison to a human HERE. Dinosaurs.about.com has a great image from the London Natural History Museum (though small) HERE. Melborne Museum has a great artist’s rendition of the dinosaur HERE. HERE is the EnchantedLearning article and the picture Emanuel coloured is HERE (same site). And as always, the Wiki article is HERE.

The birdlike dinosaur


Carnivores may not be Emanuel’s favourite BUT the┬áMasiakasaurus has some amazingly unusual teeth. This theropod from the late Cretaceous period had hooked front teeth that angled out, most likely for catching and eating fish. This image HERE really shows those wicked teeth. Surprisingly it was NOT a large dinosaur, believed to have been the size of a large dog. And now, onto the videos!

First off, I’m a Dinosaur covered this dinosaur briefly…

If you are interested in a musical interlude with many illustrations of our toothy carnivore you can watch this youTube video.

And now, the links… The Natural History Museum has some rather interesting facts simply put out HERE. Age of Dinosaurs has their map showing where in Africa this dinosaur was found HERE. Prehistoric Wildlife has a page on our “vicious lizard” HERE. Jurassic Park Wiki has a very short entry HERE. Dinosaurs.about.com has a great picture of a skull of this dinosaur HERE. EnchantedLearning has a fact sheet HERE. Wiki of course has an article HERE. Our colouring page is a much more artistic rendition HERE.

Joint project (Zander left)


This Cretaceous period herbivore is part of the duck-billed family. Emanuel was especially impressed by the Corythosaurus’ hollow, bony crest. It walked on two legs or 4 at times with a long, stiff tail to facilitate that. Found in North America it is believed to be a herding animal that potentially migrated to reproduce. We had TWO videos for this interesting herbivore. First, I’m a Dinosaur…

And then a second gem off of youTube, a video done by a young student for a class assignment.

And now for our links! We used EnchantedLearning’s page HERE. Jurassic Park included a page due to this dinosaur being a part of their game HERE. KidsDinos has its usual helpful map and charts HERE. We found a great artist’s rendition HERE. Kidzworld has some great images of the skeleton HERE. Our colouring page is HERE. And of course the Wiki article HERE.

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