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Happy 12th Birthday Emanuel

While the wonky weather and this nasty flu going around and around did impact our plane some he assures me it was a great day. Maybe because the physicals scheduled got canceled due to the doctor being sick, or maybe because we had an Emanuel Day… either way, my middle child is 12! Where did the time go??IMG_20180203_133426_976

We started off with a trim. Ken has gotten quite good with his clippers on maintaining cuts.IMG_20180203_133426_979

Then some lovely photos of the birthday boy.20180203_103616

With some spare time on our hands we ran out to the mall and got myself and Emanuel new runners. We are almost the same shoe size!

We snuck in a pretzel and picked up some groceries and then came home to open presents. The gift from Aunty Holly, Uncle James and Cousin Jimmie had came as well so we opened that too. He was quite pleased with his gifts.

Picture by Echo

Picture by Echo

He loves his gift from Aunt and Uncle and Cousin

He loves his gift from Aunt and Uncle and Cousin

Don’t forget phone calls from grandparents. We had a few of those!

He spent the rest of the afternoon playing with his new game before we took him out for his solo dinner of choice… Culver’s. Then… cake!20180203_190431

20180203_19053220180203_190535We finished off the day with watching his new movie – Ninjago. Which I hav to say, was funny. All topped off with fresh popcorn!20180203_193056_HDR

Happy Birthday Emanuel!!!20180203_103635

A Weekend in Semi Repose

I think that this was our first truly slowed down weekend since we officially moved to Minnesota! And even then on Saturday we were out and about. I think this is also the first weekend we have experienced that was a little on the cold side. Ok, not cold really but closer to low 20’s instead of 30’s (Celsius of course). We actually brought a couple sweaters out on Sunday! 

Anyway… Saturday… leisurely morning of doing nothing ate up our time. Which of course is not really a BAD thing. But in the late morning/early afternoon the ladies of the house (all 4 of out) left on a mission – to find shoes for two little girls while Kohl’s had not only their clearance racks out but an added coupon for those lucky enough to be credit card users (store card of course). Two stores later and we had two very happy little girls with shoes befitting princesses. In fact, Trinity got the very last pair of her light up sandals as requested and Echo finally stopped saying ow to the shoes 6 pairs in! 

Note the lights

Not to mention we rocked those clearance racks! With stuff already marked down 60 percent and then an added 30% for using the credit card and coupon combo… items were down super low! Dresses for under 4.00 and yours truly with two pretty striped tanks for 1.90 a piece! Now our girls are decked out in style! And Echo has OPTIONS for that special dress for not only her party (when we finally settle on a date) but also for her 2 year pictures tomorrow! 

Some of the Kohl’s booty

Well with all that shopping done and the boys back from being at the park (no pictures as the menfolk were too busy climbing and playing and then eating ice cream at Dairy Queen) it was time for some relaxing quiet time, naps for some… tanning for the Nana and Baba in preparation for their next big trip in the beginning of September! 

Oh and did I mention… last night I FINALLY got to play my birthday present… that’s right – LITTLE BIG PLANET 2 on the PS3! Finally!!

Another exciting moment… yesterday I got an email (or 3 really) alerting me to the fact that I won a draw! That’s right, 25.00 to spend on a lovely downloadable site that has tons of resources for teachers and homeschooling parents. I found out about the draw through a wonderful blogger called The Moffatt Girls! And the site to note: Teachers Notebook. So now Ken and myself have some shopping to do for resources that fit our plans for the children this year. This ties in wonderfully with the fact that a lot of these stores have back to school sales going on to begin with. Maybe something seasonal? Or something to help along our big goal of learning to multiply and divide? Or a reading resource?? I will be sure to share what we purchase!!! Definitely a godsend with our tiny budget available right now. 

I am actually going out of my way to enter as many school related draws and contests as I can to help supplement our supplies as well as continue the hunt for freebies. After all freebies are helpful to EVERYONE! So be sure to check back… I am hoping to make this school year much closer to a free homeschool year than ever before! Start with Education.com though, that one I can already suggest with absolute certainty. 

Anyway… Sunday… well of course we had to bring out some of the new clothes… the boys had Angry Birds tshirts that two chose to wear… Trinity her dress Ken and I got her (on clearance) from Walmart and Echo one of the Kohl’s finds. Can you believe a size 9month dress! Fits absolutely perfectly.

Waving to Nana and Baba

Dressed so pretty

Of course Ken put his foot down and said NO GOING OUT! So while Nana and Baba did the biking thing and tanning we made Perler bead creations as presents for our Echo who turns two tomorrow, total creativity.

Working on presents

 And then in the afternoon we had cousins descend upon us. They had all be out camping and had to return the tent trailer. They came with an educational surprise. Our very own butterfly chrysalis which in time will become a monarch butterfly! Talk about instant move to a focus on learning there. 

Butterfly to be

While the tent trailer was emptied out and put back in its parking place the kids ran their hearts out, climbed the trees and generally made mischief of a rather controlled nature. I do love watching them all play together. 

The call of the tree

Ken couldn’t resist either

Our dinner for the evening with late lunches and breafast?? Baba made popcorn add to that a movie – Dragon Hunters and our evening was complete. 

 I have been hard at work with my stitching. I love the wings on the butterfly. Creating them has been so much fun! 

Loving this one

This coming week should be interesting… we have a butterfly to watch, Mars to continue talking about… there are friends to connect with, a birthday to recognize and of course Ken’s job hunt to support. Life certainly is anything but boring!

Miss Trinity

Movies with the Novaks

August 1

When we finally get settled in our “permanent” or “forever” Minnesota home I swear we will HAVE TO find a place at least slightly if not more so closer to the Novak family as we just have TONS of fun with them! This time it was a FREE movie… Puss in Boots! In fact, this was Trinity’s FIRST movie in a theatre! Echo, who was feeling under the weather stayed home with Baba who was also recovering and thus unable to go with Nana to a friend’s chemo treatment. 

The new dress at 5.50

The movie itself was free and then you bought your refreshments…  5.00 for popcorn and 4.50 for a large pop – both REFILLABLE! So for 6 of us the entire movie cost us 9.50. Ken figures it was worth the 30 min drive to the theatre which is actually closer to Darcy and her family than us. Next week is Robots, so if Ken is NOT in Canada collecting our stuff that day guess where we will be?? 

Waiting for the Novaks



Checking out the trailers

I have to say, Anthony and Andrew at their more advance ages are absolute GEMS! Anthony and I took all the others kids to seat and share seats while Darcy, Ken and Andrew worked on snacks. Anthony was sweet enough to sit with some of our boys so that we could sit on each end. After all with this being Trinity’s first movie I needed to sit with her and focus on her the most. We had so little problems, I was so proud!!!

Anthony and the boys




Ken says this is the quietest movie he had been to in 10 years! Seriously with tons of kids, mostly young, mommies and a few babies and the odd daddy… the most you heard was the munch munch of popcorn and the odd baby cry! It was amazing! After the movie there was some drawings made for the Novaks to send home and then it was back to the house for a quiet rest of the day. 

Note the Dollar Tree sunglasses!


Ken  is on the tail end of the last of his contracts… done by the 2nd that is. And on the hunt for that new 9-5 job. The feeling around here is so much more … CALM… it is marvelous. Every day I am reminded that this was a GOOD decision. I don’t think there was a BEST or a PERFECT but this, this is GOOD and that is more than enough. We are going to continue with our Minnesota binder (once I get a binder to put it all in) and start thinking of the future, what is interesting in Minnesota? What sort of free resources can I find here? Time to create a new network!!

Playing the Dollar Tree Snakes and Ladders… NICELY!!