A Familiar Appointment…

in a familiar office… a little under 2yrs since our last appointment in this local OBGYN office we are back, with the same doctor who was in charge of my pregnancy with Trinity (though he was not the doctor who delivered her). Same office, some of the same nurses just a slightly different and more streamlined way of doing things. You weigh yourself (117.8 lbs), do your own urine test (I have to get an official one done next week for my first), and then the nurse does your blood-pressure (low as usual). All of the toys were removed from the little play area sadly so it was very lucky that the toy bag we¬† take into church was sitting in the van. I am really happy with Dr. Brown, he was great with my previous pregnancy and this time is definitely sharing our concern about my going into labour and it moving too quickly if we let it just happen. So at 2 weeks to my due date they will most likely induce – the last two pregnancies have been VERY short labours once my water broke! My next appointment is in 4 weeks, AND I have an ultra sound scheduled for the month of April as well. 15.00 for a cd at this place for the 2D picture. Everything feels nicely taken care of!! Great feeling!

Sunday was a rather special day for our family – the twins were involved in the Palm Sunday service – they were in the procession proudly waving their palm fronds and then sang their Hosanna song with the adult choir. Ken used our camera to get some pictures and some ok video (digital camera). Sadly our camcorder is still experiencing difficulties from way back in December (pout pout pout).

The video, a little shaky. Zander is on the left.

Then they had Sunday School and Emanuel, Trinity, Ken and I spent the rest of the service colouring with Colour Wonder paper. Trinity in one of her new dresses purchased LAST summer (gotta love a sale) and Emanuel already in his BROTHER’S fancy wear! (why are they growing so fast???)

Waiting for Service to Start

Keeping the kids busy!

All 4 kids in their church clothes (Zander left)

I have a legitimate reason to make tutus this week as well! I am excited about this for some silly reason – the last one I made was for Trinity’s Halloween costume (strawberry). This time I get to make two for a little girl who is 4. Her mom wants two different ones… so I am going to go through my colours and see what I have that would be suitably girly! I figure one with both layers the same length to be more “ballerina” and the other in the style of Trinity’s previous which to me is much more “fae”. I have to admit the idea of a different craft really appeals to me from time to time and since I finished Trinity’s Lucky Stars this weekend all I have in hand is cross stitch… pictures on order to pick up on Sunday for more scrapbooking of course!

The last tutu :)

Speaking of cross stitching – lately I have had a burst of momentum with Baby #5’s stocking… the familiar shapes are becoming ever clearer and my pattern a sea of highlighted yellow for the completed stitches! I am leaving the top portion undone as if this is a girl baby it will be done to match Trinity’s with the more shiny top and fake fur, a boy it will follow the lines of the boys’ 3 by the pattern versions.

Stocking to date

The twins were hard at work this afternoon working on more flowers for their special aunties… of course this led to the inevitable beading activities! We have a nice supply in regular colours AND glow in the dark, now if I could just find a way to keep them accessible for the boys but out of Trinity’s grasping fingers! Fine motor skills, counting, pattern recognition and reproduction as well as imagination and creativity… SCORE. I just LOVE Perler beads – can you tell??

Beading! (Zander blue)

And of course – the completion (FINALLY) of our coffee filter butterflies. We used an unpainted one to make a butterfly for Trinity. Tomorrow morning the boys will finish their hand lilies and then I think we are all caught up!

Finished butterflies (Gavin middle)

I got a freebie today from Currclick for an egg beginner reader game which I will link and take pictures of tomorrow. Tomorrow afternoon is my appointment for my contacts. Apparently you are supposed to WEAR contacts to it… ACK, mine wore out last week. But the person who called me said that it should be ok. Better be, I would rather NOT put my now slightly foggy contacts back in!

A pretty decent start to our week, Spring Break for the area school wise – not too much of one for us… keeping busy as usual!

Busy busy in our house!

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