Beginning of 2010/2011 Schooling…

The start of a new week, the last few days of an old month… while we are not OFFICIALLY starting our homeschool year or anything (we are faxing our forms tonight and will find out about funding this week), I made my first go at pushing a few more educational activities to our day. Of course all this AFTER Echo and I slept in for a while.

With Emanuel and Trinity in nap the twins were settled down to do math pages and then moved to their Cars  themed number workbooks. Gavin, for once decided to continue on well past the couple pages I expected him to do! Zander lost interest and was sat down with a lined book to continue review on the alphabet. My goal is to get them all through the ABC’s and then work on everyone’s names and other words of interest. Anything to  get Zander interested in reading and have Gavin move into using his lower-case letters more while he writes (he is already reading more than Zander).

Numbers! (Gavin left)

Oh and don’t forget getting started on the Gardening Lapbook assembly! Ken just needs to add a page to the folder and we are done!!

Lapbook assembly (Zander left)

When Emanuel woke up from his nap he settled down with me to work on his PreK workbook which covers a variety of topics. Willingly doing more and more pages until we ended with colouring a fish picture together.

Emanuel at work

I sent all the kids to the basement and set up the big excitement for the day – FELT PUPPETS! All 4 kids got their own puppet, glue and whatever bits and bobs they wanted to use to create their own little puppet. Messy, stuff everywhere, which means TOTAL fun! Now they just need to dry overnight (or longer depending on the amount of glitter glue all 4 kids were very free with).

Creating the Puppets (Gavin)

Completed Puppets (Emanuel, Gavin,Trinity and the yellow Zander)

Once the kids were bundled off to a relatively early bedtime (oh my did they need it!) I got in a tiny bit of scrapbooking time (before Baby Echo announced her wish that Mommy NOT leave her side) and did up Emanuel’s Canada Day 2009 page and his page for Nathan and Ada’s Canadian wedding. I still want to get Echo’s hospital pages done… but I want to do those two pages with Ken’s help. End of the month is simply not the best time to corner Ken on crafting time!

Nathan and Ada's Wedding

Canada Day 2009

In-between helping with numbers and letters I got most of my post baby thank you cards written out, the next step is to find envelopes for all the ones that need to be mailed and then sorting through whose I can hand deliver (always preferable with the cost of stamps now!!). Baby Echo has been welcomed so sweetly by people in person with hugs and kisses, compliments on her pictures and even lovely cards in the mail. I hope everyone knows how much we appreciate the support, compliments and love. One of the reasons our not so little family feels so manageable is due to the love and support of friends and family.

Thoughtful Sleeper

Of course I REALLY should put my attention to Echo’s stocking, I have 3 more time sensitive projects that I am waiting on patterns for but I have yet to miss the date on our baby’s first Christmas stocking and am determined to buckle down and get things done. Well, at least trying to be! At least the photos are ordered for the Great Grandmas and our long distance god-parents. And I have pictures already printed out to make 2 more scrapbook pages for Emanuel. So it is not like I have nothing to do, just much rather snuggle with the baby! Can you blame me???

Trinity and Anna :)

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