Ikea, Babies and Other Fun

The week is progressing, and to me it seems too quickly. I blinked and Tuesday was over… ok maybe not blinked – I slept til 11:30 (was up past 2 am so Ken could have a nap and a snuggle with Baby Echo before buckling down to do some power working while the house was silent), and then had my usual bath/shower before girding our loins and getting the twins back on track with numbers. Apparently GAVIN likes to learn his numbers BEST with Lightning McQueen… what in the world am I going to do when he finishes burning through the oversized workbook we have for him???

Gavin and his McQueen book

And then there was the nifty first day of school sheet a friend made up and was gracious enough to share with us! Each of the boys filled it out… now we just need to head over to my mom’s to borrow her scale. Weight and height are no yet recorded but each of the boys worked through the sheet on their own and came up with refreshingly DIFFERENT answers… except for their favourite word – each boys’ favourite was  their own names! Figures!!

Zander working on his sheet

Gavin and the finished product

Emanuel spent his time with me working on his workbook again but is VERY adamant that he needs his own Cars themed workbook and since the ones the twins have were gifts earlier this year I am going to have to hunt down something “like” them.

Instead of craft time the boys spent a nice chunk of the lovely weather this afternoon out in the backyard, picking up apples (good and bad) and playing at the picnic table!

Enjoying the sunshine (Gavin left)

Our afternoon was topped by a visit from Chris and Chris AND a trip to the “meatball store” aka IKEA… after all until the end of December Mon-Thur (after 5pm) the 15 meatballs plate is only 2.99. This means that to feed our family it cost only 25.00! (we splurged on some soup for me and a cinnamon bun) Refillable drinks means 2 cups and the family’s thirst is quenched!

Waiting on food (Zander front)

A little bit of shopping later and a stop off at 7-11 for slurpees (trust me I am making up for lost time there!) and then home in time to put the kids to bed! YAY!

In the mail today Echo’s binky (soother) holders came – talk about a necessity!

Binky holders

And last night I managed to do two more scrapbook pages before bed. Independance Day 2009 and Easter from the same year! Now to get the Birth day pages done for Echo and I can clear off the table – in THEORY! I am feeling quite proud of my pages though!

ID Day 2009

Easter 2009

Tonight is mainly taking time to tidy here and there, working on Echo’s stocking and hopefully getting completely caught up sorting my laundry. Although Echo is doing her share to make sure I stay nice and behind – she overfilled a diaper this morning – adding a sleeper and onesie to the pile and this evening spit milk all over my yoga pants.

Our girls

So back to work!

2 thoughts on “Ikea, Babies and Other Fun

  1. Oh I like this picture of Trinity with her little sister! I also like the quilt that she is sitting on :). Did you make it? Life is going fast! Enjoy every big and small moment of it!

  2. Oh I wish I could make something like that! Ken’s mom makes those 🙂 on the other side it is the “rag” style, it just hasn’t made it to the laundromat to be washed and softened up so I flipped it backwards for the picture 🙂

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