Well, day 2 of the weather working AGAINST us. Another frigidly cold day of -23 Celsius has us once again grounded to home. Yesterday our decision to stay home was influenced by two circumstances – a frigid day AND Ken getting another contract. So yesterday was a workbook/copybook day again. Zander actually finished his reading book! We have finally had a breakthrough with sounding out the words instead of GUESSING. Errors are still made, and there is still frustration but now I feel like he is actually TRYING.

Proud completion

For two days now we have had Play-Doh filled afternoons coupled with Handy Manny and Cyberchase. Thankfully the twins are big enough now that the fall out of having two seven year olds, a 5 year old and an almost 3 year old play at the table is easily handled by them. That and they are willing to help their younger siblings make things. It is always a GOOD day if there is sharing involved.

Emanuel and Gavin with the little Play-Doh kitchen

I have gone through our upstairs craft cupboard as a precursor to packing which worked in my favour today – foam bookmark kits. So the twins, after some workbook and copybook time (of course) got to sit down with the foam, glitter glue and some sequins and have at it. I think Zander wants to send his down to Minnesota for one of his god-parents’ kids. We are also working on making up envelopes to send down beginning of next week – one for Zander’s godparents (Andy and Darcy) and their son (our god-son) Anthony, and one for Gavin’s Godfather Cory.


I am not sure if this is lucky or not but we got a call today rescheduling our 6 month boosters with Echo. Apparently the nurse in charge of the immunizations is home with the FLU!! Seriously, how sick is everyone outside of our little house bubble??? I am starting to think that our being stuck home our of necessity has helped us to avoid the bulk of whatever has been going around lately. Which is terrific since we spent much of December and January with one or more sick kids!

With Giraffe

We had a wonderful drop off today though – our photographer dropped off the cd from our 2010 photo shoot AND our 2009 (both Christmas) so now I have ALL the photos taken by him on cd and ready to be packed away. I LOVE his work and am rather crushed that we will be over an hour away from him after this. I am undecided as to what this will mean for our Christmas pictures THIS year as having them done is a tradition I do NOT want to give up on.

Today we broke out the paints. The kids all got a palette style paintbox from Nana and Baba last visit so I let them go at it. Emanuel didn’t quite understand the damp brush to get the paint working and flooded his paints a bit but they had fun and kept pretty clean!

Paintings done

The little ones requested time with the Starfall site. So Trinity spent a bit of time with me on my computer and then watched her all time favourite video – “Do You Want to Date My Avatar?“, she has loved that video since she was a tiny one.

Mommy likes this video too

Ken’s netbook got commandeered once the basement was tidied and Ken was done with it in the basement (he takes it down to the quiet room to use the phone in peace when need be and work while on hold). We really need to get our funding sorted by April so we can get some sort of simple computer for them to use of their own!

On the netbook

We are doing REALLY well not eating out though our meal plan has been switched all over the place due to the cold weather and not wanting to go to the grocery store. Last night was spaghetti and sauce with buns… of course using just a bit of our new spice from Ted. The kids found it a bit spicy and were gulping down the milk and water but LOVED IT! I love it when the kids are adventurous with food. Ted has offered to bring another major Ethiopian spice for us to try – but this one is MUCH spicier I guess… Ken is not sure he is game but I bet we will all give it a go.


So tonight I am hoping to get in some quality crafting time… that is definitely dependant on the Little Tyrant though as she is still in a bit of a mood after having her siblings wake her up over and over again today. Poor thing. I would love to¬† get in some quality scrapbooking time, or work on my large project stitching or make some more lucky stars… BUT doing so with her up… not so easy! Wish me luck.

Echo in the standing play toy. We got this for Emanuel back in our tiny apartment as the baby can slide back and forth along the track and play... nice and compact but good exercise

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