How Do YOU Defuse Post Christmas Chaos?

(OK WRITTEN on the 27th but lazy bones me did not get caught up in blogging in time and resized the pictures and posted on the 28th! Oops!)

I swear it is a trick question! Day two of post Christmas choas… slightly cleaner, Ken back to work and… well I could use a nice long nap! I did, however, play mean mommy and make the twins each do a page of math! 


There was even a DANCE PARTY in Trinity’s room with her new Hello Kitty clock radio. It gets rather wild in there! 

Dancing babies

Toys are still migrating around the house and getting under foot. We had a bit of a panic when the twins realized that some of their cards from their new decks went missing (although that meant they had to CLEAN some of their room to find the missing ones – bonus!). 

I have to admit now that my stress is gone (as of today in fact), I am ready for a LOOOONNNGGG sleep. The question is – will I get one (well, probably NOT).

I spent a large portion of the afternoon catching up on the Christmas themed laminating… sadly I found I had missed one TINY house when all was said and done but have enough sheets to laminate it… if I can find something to go with it. That leaves cutting it all out and then assembling Zander’s. Oh and the discussion as to how long we leave UP the Christmas themed decorations. The tree and I are mid argument – I want it to clean itself up and it is perfectly content to brightly shine in the corner. 

Sean stopped in on his way home from his folks (we are about midway in his journey). Always nice to have a surprise visitor, especially one of Echo’s favourite people! 

Enjoying the toys! Thank you Aunty Holly and Uncle James

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