Belated Birthday and Mother’s Day Combined

May 11-12

So the weekend was a bit of a rollercoaster. Trinity finally had her family birthday party and of course the 12th was Mother’s Day. BUT Ken also had a soccer game on the 12th and we had a couple last minute errands to run as well… boo monkeys.

Our new soccer ball (used, new to us)

Girls together

We had an early birthday party starting at 11am where Trinity finally got to wear the dress we picked up the day we celebrated with the Novaks. It is a size 6 so long now but she will be able to wear it forever!

So grown up

Love her hair… maybe Rapunzel for Halloween?

We had a Strawberry Shortcake themed party! We got an adorable cake but only Party City had our theme in stock!

Strawberry Shortcake




I think she had an amazing time and after we said good bye to cousins and family we said hello to newly moved here friends Izzy and Henry, 4 year old ¬†twins. (non identical) They are Ken’s friend Matt’s boys. They are so much fun, we are already working on some more playdates! We definitely ended the night with 5 tired out kids!

The twins (Henry back)

Izzy and Echo

Little kids everywhere


Which leads me to Mother’s Day. It was really different not being in our own little family unit home and celebrating a day that is really not a full on holiday! But I did get to sleep in. We had a bit of a rush rush as Ken needed his soccer equipment and then had his game but we did get out and about as a family.

Sitting slightly impatiently waiting

The kids gave Nana her handmade card and were so pleased at her reaction. Ken’s first game in over a decade went rather well, they only lost by one (2-3) and he walked away with a scraped up knee and a little leg ache afterwards. So proud of him. We may go to the next game, it is local.

Trying on shoes

Quite the weekend errands and all!

We picked this massive ball up at Target

Those snapper type things… the ones you throw that make sound

The reasons I am a Mother in the first place

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