A Week in a Nutshell (well up to the weekend)

August 25-30

Well everyone has already experienced our amazing Renaissance Festival fun on the 25th. You can find that day HERE. But after so much fun in the hot hot sun it was back to normal on the Monday.

Zander finally finished his grade 2 mathbook so soon we will bring out the 3!101_4366

We even made time for a Wild Kratts.

Gila Monster

Gila Monster

On Tuesday we continued on with our Lion learning. I love using storybooks to supplement our finish products and these scratch paper pictures are terrific!101_4368

101_4369Amazingly enough Trinity and Echo had a “do everything together” day!!!101_4370

101_4371Middle of the week was Emanuel’s turn to shine with a completion…101_4373

And the whole gang worked on getting in the day’s harvest from the straw bale garden!101_4374

101_4376Thursday was back to work…101_4379




Look Esther!! They drew you!

Look Esther!! They drew you!

and back to the pool! Any time we can get some fun in the yard is always a bonus!101_4382

The kids really excelled in their schoolwork. So we drove over to McDonald’s and treated them all to ice cream. 59 cents a piece is always an amazing deal, especially when you need to buy 7!!!101_4388

101_4391We ended our week with Zachary over for the morning. He, Gabriella and their parents were going camping with Nana and Baba for most of the Labour Day long weekend. So he came over Thursday night to leave Friday morning. Though his asthma was acting up in the extreme humidity so they had to stay inside to play.101_4393

After the campers left we ran outside to check our beans… which apparently grew best if we ignored them completely!101_4395

Play on the playset…101_4396

And just generally mug for the camera.101_4399

101_4400And that is our week in a nutshell!!!101_4372

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