Alexander Ramsey House!

August 1-2

While Nana and Baba were seeing off the family we were out and about ourselves on errands and the like. I had a fun finish on the 1st – a pair of SHARK SLIPPERS I had commissioned by a twin mom for another twin mom. We are all in the same egroup and have been for ages! They are such a silly thing but turned out so lovely! I was glad to be able to get them in the mail before they needed to be taken across the border to Canada for a visit!101_8894

We did stop at a fun park while I sewed the eyes onto these. The kids have fully embraced the sunny days, though the heat can be rather stifling and make for shorter play times.101_8896 101_8897 101_8898

The twins assured me that after all that play some quiet tv time was in order.101_8901

The 2nd was the first Saturday of the month and so HOME DEPOT day…

Pencil boxes

Pencil boxes

But we made the day doubly exciting by being registered for a program at the Alexander Ramsey House (HERE). They do a once a month time capsule on the first Saturday and have a walk through of the house with a tour leader. It is so much fun! Limited photo taking opportunities but we did have a blast. And each of the kids ended up with a time capsule with little pictures of things they learned about in our tour. We plan on going again in October!!101_8904

Such a beautiful house!101_8914 101_8916 101_8917

And the kids got to get involved in the kitchen making hardtack (HERE)! Very cool!101_8905 101_8907 101_8909

Miss Trinity came home to a good bye present from Gabbi – a backpack and matching blanket that she is utterly in love with.101_8920

And I had an amazing gift – a drawing of the crochet items I gave her for her birthday. Thank you sweetie!101_8921

And a few more from the house…101_8918 101_8915 101_8919 101_8903

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