Up to Date… A Short Romance

Sometimes you just want a quick and fun read. Up to Date by Susan Halter fits the bill perfectly. The 9th book in her Better Date Than Never series it is a fast paced contemporary romance novella about a girl with a dream she has never truly followed and a man that is in the same occupation as her somewhat ruined and disappointing father.

Included is the flighty younger sister, a mother who simply cannot see the reasoning behind taking a leap of blind faith in to a new career and a group of supportive friends. Really a story about letting go and following your dreams and having faith in someone else as well as yourself. I won’t spill anymore since with a novella there is always the worry you will give away the good stuff.

I have, over time, read multiple stories by Susan Hatler from this series HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE (no particular order). Each has been an enjoyable read with light hearted characters and interesting plotlines. This book, specifically, has some limited character growth… and an adorable kitten. If you are looking for a quick read without any sort of blatant sexual content or really profanity this is a good choice for you.51+cwNvx93L._UY250_ (2)

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