Thursday — Weekend in My Sights

Well, Ken is home but we have not seen much of him. He comes home for dinner and then back to work until well into the night. I am very thankful that he is home though… I feel much less overwhelmed though there are moments – especially when the twins act … well like 2 yr olds.
I got my hair cut again Tuesday and love it, she layered it much more than the previous woman so it is lighter and "poofier" so I am getting used to it and playing around with it. Taking that extra bit off has made my hair look darker since the sun bleached tips are gone (not that I am out in the sun much LOL).
I must admit I am feeling a little lonely lately. The kids have been so grumpy and Ken and I have had so little time together (quality time) that I have been feeling rather out of it. Having Ken gone has reinforced my need to get out of this town for a while. Happily he has decided to start actively pursuing planning my trip down to South Carolina. I know my sister would LOVE to come here and visit on her fall break from University but she is on the running team (she is VERY good) and if she was able to fly up here at that point that would insinuate that she will not be running in the forth coming races. That is something I would hate to see happen. She is so excited about going back at the end of next month!
I am hoping we can plan a playdate with Isabella and her parents this month. Gotta light a fire under the daddies LOL…

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