Zoo… Binkies… and Children on a Whole

Ok so I must admit I have been lax at writing in my B-log. Yesterday we spent a large portion of the day at the Calgary Zoo… It was the kids’ first time there and a great success. A rather hot day (though no where near the hottest) we didn’t go through the whole zoo just the African exhibit, the playground and the primates. The twins LOVED seeing the animals but I think their favorite part was playing on the playground really. We tried to keep them in the shade as much as possible, drink a ton of water and we had a nice long dinner at a Swiss Chalet that was air conditioned. Emanuel did wonderfully. I brought a washcloth and a little dish to keep cool water in and kept wiping him down. He managed to breastfeed multiple times, get in a couple little naps and be passed around with a little smile on his face. I am so glad I brought the bottles of frozen water – though next time I will plan on bringing more than 8.
Esther, Karyn and Christine all managed to come along. It was wonderful to visit and an added bonus of having all those helping hands. Christine was even able to notarize Emanuel and my passport applications.
Our other BIG news is that since Friday night the twins have been BINKY FREE!!! Wow. We went out to Walmart and bought them each a new pillow and then at bedtime Ken cut up the binkies and then gave it to them. Then we asked them to throw them out and they would get a pillow. Zander was fine with it but Gavin is still a little mopey about not having one.
Poor Gavin was the only one who had any real fall out from yesterday. He has been a little lethargic, hot, sad and sweaty. He fell asleep on the floor today and has been rather moody about things. He is better though.
Emanuel is doing well. He is almost sitting up now and laughing all the time… and what a breastfeeding PRO. *Warning Girly Content* Though I am finding my nipples are a little sore since he is snacking alot and it is rather hot and dry… oh for some rain!!! *Ok you are safe now LOL*
Well the next big thing to plan is the twins’ 2 1/2 yr birthday party. Ken has to start feeling out some dates. If we just decorate up the livingroom and have a little celebration I would be happy. I think we are going to get them a wagon. We just do not have a safe and easily¬†accessible area for trikes.
So with heat and exhaustion comes the inevitable irritability on my part. Thankfully Ken was able to come home and help with lunch today but I really could use a 24 hr nap or a cold day hmmm tough call LOL.
July is over half over and I do feel that we have had some fun, hopefully next weekend we can get out and do something else again… who knows.

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