July Showers Bring… ?

Well July is almost over and I am honestly unsure of where the days went. Emanuel is creeping up on 6 months old, summer is almost over… we did get some not so great news today – apparently in November our rent is going up $45.00… so the hunt is on to see if we can find something that would be of better value with 3 bedrooms and NOT have to move in by October 1st. That would be "fun" – it looks like Ken is to be gone from the 2nd to the 5th abouts to Germany and I am leaving on the 5th to the 12th with Emanuel to go to South Carolina. We are working out what we will do with the twins the two days we figure it is possible both of us would be gone. Either my mom will have to come over and watch them or Ken’s folks (one or both) would fly up to spend some quality time with the boys. Either way I have to make many many notes as to how our days go by. Even for Ken since there are things we do on weekdays he does not participate in on a regular basis.
The next thing to plan is the twins’ 2 1/2 birthday party. Either the 2nd or 3rd weekend in August – we have the decorations all we need to do is get food, cake and the wagon we want to get them. I think we are going to decorate up the apartment and then when ppl get here walk down to the park for games and then back here for food – that way I am not depending on the weather and can get the decorations done the night before. Should be fun .
Gas hit $1.12 a litre today… it is unreal. Ken says it is cuz there is another war starting in the Middle East. I am just hoping Ken’s cousin Anne gets to come home from Iraq and stay in the states for a while. She joined the army young and her first deployment is to Iraq. Scarey… Ken still says that if Hilary Clinton is made president he will take his Canadian citizenship test – she jumped on the anit-gaming platform/bandwagon when she did not check the demographics. Something Ken is VERY opinionated about – being a gamer to the core after all.
We walked to the Stationary Store in the drizzly weather today… I got the papers I want to use for Emanuel’s Zoo scrapbook pages. Some animal print and a page of monkeys I can cut out. Now all I need to do is order the pictures.
We started cleaning today… my goal is by tomorrow night to throw out  garbage bag of stuff from the apartment. We got it half full tonight. Hopefully I can get the place ship shape before I leave… though a wrench may be thrown in the works if we find a place to move to before then… we shall have to wait and see. Some days I wish I was still a kid and someone else could do all this mature decision making stuff for me!

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