Back to Reality

Well life has been hectic to say the least! We do finally have our internet set up as we like though we need a new router… and the phone is working, we still need to change the cell number to be local to the city – the big city imagine that! Just don’t get me started on the tv and Bell’s mix up ARGH. We get that hooked up tomorrow – or so they say!
The new house is terrific – 3 bedrooms upstairs, even Emanuel loves his, and a nice upstairs livingroom for half the toys with the rest in the basement with the tv and Ken’s pc. It has been an adjustment… our regular walks gone and the boys dealing with the new yard and all the local noises. We met the neighbors on one side – a lovely older couple who gave us their phone number in case of need and some fresh from the garden carrots! I also met the owner of the company’s wife and some of her grandkids – lovely people. The owner of the house’s sister came by with a cake for us – so yummy, though I missed meeting her asleep in the basement!
There are some interesting paint techniques on the walls upstairs but we also have a dishwasher, fenced yard and bliss – a washer and dryer! There is a second bathroom in the basement with theĀ  plumbing for but no toilet installed, we may do that for them since a new toilet is not a huge expense. I do need to put up pictures before my sister gets here and Ken just got the last out of the apartment late last night. A lot to do, but a lot done at the same time! I am just itching to get some stuff on the walls.
The boys are loving the space, I just wish I could get them to sleep past 7am. I think Emanuel just needs a dark curtain over his light blinds. I wish there was more storage upstairs as I am at a bit of a loss where to put things.. but I am sure it will all work out! On that note… I will have to update further later. So much to do!

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