Catching Up

Well it has been a while… I did get a call back on the 14th in the morning about my glucose test – I was a little over – so I basically failed and had to make an appointment for the longer test… this one I had to fast for 10 hours for and then stay at the clinic for 2 hours while they took my blood 3 times, first when I got there, then an hour in and then after the 2 hours had past – of course drinking the nasty orange stuff as well. I did try and call my dr’s office on Friday to get my results but have not heard back – my next appointment is on the 29th.
The appointment on the 14th went fine though I had not gained any weight. This was not a huge concern as the baby measured bigger. I also had that horrid stomach bug that had me throw up 4 times so hopefully on the 29th we will see an increase.
The boys all had their yearly and it went well, Emanuel has a little build up on his teeth but that is about it and I called a pediatric dentist whose hygenist said try brushing it away for a while before coming in.
Ken finally got the twins in to meet their Sunday School teacher though they did not stay long in the class. A great step forward though… I am proud of all 3 of them. Hopefully NEXT Sunday they will stay a little longer. Emanuel and I are doing well with our own Sunday time – we watch Veggie Tales (so like Sunday school), have an early lunch and then both head off for a nap.
Valentine’s Day was nothing fancy for us – we go all out on our anniversary. But we did have take out from Boston Pizza… and my Great White North was heart shaped hehe. We also had a great "play date" that was rather spontaneous yesterday with the Bleau family. The guys ran to the grocery store and we had dinner here. It was nice to have some company.
I have started Baby #4’s stocking and now that we are into the last 10 weeks plan on getting the kids’ stuff together for when we go to the hospital. Ken is in charge of the sitters and I am to get their bags. My mom is still planning on taking the twins for a couple nights, but of course, whoever is watching Emanuel has to stay here until she can get here from an hour away. Hopefully we can work something out with Alan and Xinny that will make the whole situation simple.
So delivery is looming which as usual has me a little scared… but I know that once we get to the hospital we just have to follow directions. I am just hoping this baby is as kind as Emanuel was and now that I know what to look for gives us signs way in advance. We shall see right?

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