You ever have one of those days?

The big boys have spots definitely and some are relatively painful or
uncomfortable – bottoms of feet due to pressure and any in their mouths.
On top of that the weather is rather miserable – rainy and windy so no
going outside with all 4 kids under the weather so all three boys were
at each others throats all morning and Trinity sleeping badly due to
noise… Add to that Emanuel deciding to throw out his soother last
night now realizing TODAY that it is gone and NOT happy about it at nap
time, as well as two exhausted 4 yrs old refusing to settle down enough
to sleep but in bad enough moods they are not fit to be around… and I
am starting to think Mommy needs to curl up and hide under the bed…
it has been a while since all the kids were sick at once, I think I had
gotten complacent lol

At least supper is easy – I just have to boil up noodles, heat up
the sauce we made two days ago and strip the boys down to their
skivvies… BUT of course the time is wonderful – tonight is Ken’s "guy
night" and it is NOT at our house this week so after he pitches the
boys in the tub for me and helps clean the kitchen a bit he is off
until late..

we took Trinity to the dr’s yesterday for her 4 month where he did
confirm that she had Hand-Foot-Mouth but it was mild and she was
getting over it.. they weighed her at 13 lbs which sounded terrific to
us… but then he compared it to her height on some chart and all of a
sudden she is small for her height… now I had checked out a breastfed
baby chart back when I was concerned in the heat and it said 13 lbs was
where she should be… so the dr said we could breastfeed more often
(ummm I already do demand feed and since the heat has broken she has
eaten more – in fact if I go by their scale she gained half a lb in 2
days!!! all cuz she is over the worst of the virus and the heat is no
longer so intense).. or give her some formula (not if I am leaking when
she feeds thank you!!). Ken says he thinks she is fine, I grew the same
way but I am horribly missing our old pediatrician who knows all about
our family history and high metabolisms and believed us when we said –
look that is how *I* was growing up!! Otherwise he says she is a
terrifically happy and healthy baby… but after today it is so easy to
dwell on the negatives…

So basically I think I have had a temporary bought of insanity with
all the upset kids and am having a huge sigh of relief at the LACK of
sound coming from the twins’ room – sounds like theyhave finally passed
out thank goodness this virus is a rough one on them… I just have
fingers crossed that she gains weight – even though after breastfeeding
she is completely content or asleep – and that the boys are willing to
listen better so I can start some games without undermining my

Sorry to just go on and on but today has been one of those days!

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