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I swear we have made a tradition out of seeing Santa multiple times. First was an early trip with the Schwartz family to their Santa display of choice at a local mall. I splurged and bought a package and the online print. So you can see it first hand right here below.IMG_20171121_202545_339

Much like Macy’s Santa trips of previous years we headed to Culver’s after for dinner with our friends. It is a little sad that Macy’s closed down but this Santa experience was excellent none the less.20171121_192539

Of course I took some before pictures. Not every day we get these 5 so nicely dressed. Gavin wore the blue shirt and Zander the cream. Enjoy!20171121_165533




Our other established (as in 3 years now) tradition is the YMCA Santa. They really do do an enjoyable evening with cookies and crafts and a bouncy house. Not to mention a movie in the activity center and the chance to see Santa and Mrs. Claus they gave out books this year!20171201_182458

This year we met up with our homeschool buddies. But since they wanted to see Santa and then eat we came early to play around. After all there was lots to do. Trinity and Echo both had their hands painted by Trinity’s drawing teacher Mr. Eddy.20171201_173038



20171201_173034The boys, who were not in the frilly wear were able to spend some time in the bouncy house. We also picked up some reindeer food and tried out the non paint related crafts.

In line

In line


After Santa, who was amazing… as usual. A thanks to Aimee for taking a group picture for us… 20171201_182426



We went to Culver’s for dinner. All in all TWO great evenings seeing Santa with good friends!20171201_193737

Oh and here is the overflow of cute!20171121_170546





And a bonus Santa… Home Depot !!20171202_102128

Seeing Santa

Well it is that time again – our traditional visit with Macy’s Santa with Nana and Baba. We actually went early this year what with Nana and Baba’s visit being over Thanksgiving. (Zander is in blue stripes)20161123_160022

I cheated and ordered our two new dresses off Amazon, and at the last minute! They got in the morning of our trip to the cities. 20161123_142231

The boys lucked out with a combination of new Walmart sale find shirts and an old favourite for the boy who misplaced his new shirt. 20161123_141948

Some photos, Dad and Baba done their work and off we went.20161123_151957

img_20161123_152224The display at Macy’s is basically the same thing every year with small additions. We figure this year there are a few new animals out. 20161123_160912

20161123_161542We took quite a few photos. Though every year we find it takes less and less time to go through the display. 20161123_161344

20161123_16141320161123_16145420161123_161606The real draw is SANTA, of course. 20161123_162118


Official Santa pic.

Official Santa pic.

After Santa was letters and snacks and more photos. img_20161123_171648

We have one final tradition – after all the seasonal fun it is off to Culver’s for dinner. 20161123_174712

We were so glad Nana and Baba could be here for something that this year marked the beginning of our Christmas season.20161123_160800



Visiting Santa!


IMAG1506We have a Christmas tradition that was started here in Minnesota… every year we head to the big Macy’s in the cities and see the Elves Village and then visit Santa. The display has not changed much in the past years BUT the kids always find something new to spot in it. This year it was kitties. We think some were new to the year but additionally the kids really hadn’t noticed them in the past.


DSCN1317DSCN1319Extra special treat, after missing last year THIS year Baba was able to take the time off work and join us there. So we had lots of photo opportunities and fun with BOTH grandparents!IMAG1524

Can you spot the sleeping kitty?

Can you spot the sleeping kitty?

IMAG1510I have to say our Santa is lovely. The kids had a great time talking with him, getting their Macy’s I saw Santa pins. Nana even treated them to Christmas themed candy! YUM!IMAG1523

IMAG1516Of course, we chose the personality rich Santa picture. At least this year the photo elf got it. In past years they seemed confused why we wouldn’t want the more “perfect” photo. And yes, I am aware that if you look back at LAST year’s picture the boys are wearing the same sweaters… what can I say, dressy clothes are at a premium here for the males in our family. Now the girls, dresses for days.IMAG1534

IMAG1532Anyway, great family experience… another tradition checked off our list!DSCN1325

Leaving notes for Santa

Leaving notes for Santa