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The Doctor’s Christmas Wish… a book review

Well, time to lighten things up with a seasonal offering… the WRONG season… but holiday fare all the same. The Doctor’s Christmas Wish… well it happens at… Christmas… this is part of the Village Green series by Renee Ryan. It is a Love Inspired book, so definitely faith based.

This contemporary Christian romance has a bit of an unusual premise. Keely O’Toole (who is a mix of Irish and Italian) has returned home (to Village Green) to take up the position of mother to her cousin’s six year old daughter Felicity (or Flicka). Her cousin has been imprisoned after embezzling funds for 12 years. Father is out of the picture.

Keely is running a restaurant, raising a child who is hurting and planning the Christmas parade. Here enters her neighbour, Dr. Ethan Scott. High school nemesis (in her eyes), ex army doctor who now runs a private practice with a childhood friend (who is also the husband of his sister, Keely’s best friend).

There are widowers and orphans a plenty in this Christmas tale. Though the orphaning happened post childhood. Two engagements ended abruptly, one in an accident resulting in death and the other with a heart who has not yet let go of the past. This book really does focus on the idea of releasing a lost love but not forgetting that love… when is it time to risk your heart again? Can you really say good bye? What happens to the love for the first person? 

This book is definitely a journey of faith and healing. A lovely afternoon read on a rainy day, I think. Well worth the time, this story is full of holiday romance and healing with a strong and lovely message.518MiZ25u0L._SX315_BO1,204,203,200_

Up to Date… A Short Romance

Sometimes you just want a quick and fun read. Up to Date by Susan Halter fits the bill perfectly. The 9th book in her Better Date Than Never series it is a fast paced contemporary romance novella about a girl with a dream she has never truly followed and a man that is in the same occupation as her somewhat ruined and disappointing father.

Included is the flighty younger sister, a mother who simply cannot see the reasoning behind taking a leap of blind faith in to a new career and a group of supportive friends. Really a story about letting go and following your dreams and having faith in someone else as well as yourself. I won’t spill anymore since with a novella there is always the worry you will give away the good stuff.

I have, over time, read multiple stories by Susan Hatler from this series HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE (no particular order). Each has been an enjoyable read with light hearted characters and interesting plotlines. This book, specifically, has some limited character growth… and an adorable kitten. If you are looking for a quick read without any sort of blatant sexual content or really profanity this is a good choice for you.51+cwNvx93L._UY250_ (2)

Jingle Bell Blessings… a Book Review

So the romance section of my local library worked in my favour once again with this Love Inspired romance by Bonnie K. Winn. Jingle Bell Blessings is a wonderful inspirational romance all based around “A Little Boy’s Christmas Wish” as was written on the back of the book. Sweet Jimmy Evans is an orphan in need of a family all his own. Chloe Reed was the woman charged with helping him find one. Everyone has their reasons and history and Chloe and Jimmy’s distant relation Evan Mitchell are no different.

A broken family definitely in need of a sad and heartbroken young boy. Chloe is sure she can help Evan see the light. And Evan is equally sure there is no place in his busy life for a young child. This is a story of loss and heartbreak, redemption and love. All wrapped up with faith and peace.

Christmas is the perfect setting for this romance. Bonnie K. Winn shows how a man haunted by the past and weighted down by an uncertain future cannot only find peace but possibly love and a new start. If you are in need of something to read on a snowy evening this is a lovely cozy romance with a touch of mystery. I truly enjoyed this story. A lovely Christian contemporary romance.9781472022295