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Yearly Christmas Pageant

Well it is that time already, though maybe a little bit early being as it was on the 10th of December. Anyway, Christmas pageant at the church time! And the first year where the twins were too old to participate as Sunday School kids. The cut off at our church is when they enter Confirmation and this is their first year of that (and it seems to be going well, they do enjoy class). Instead the two of them assist different Sunday School classes each Sunday and occasionally acolyte.

This Sunday lined up nicely as it was also the Sunday that Gavin was scheduled to acolyte for the same service. Both he and Zander turned down the opportunity to read scripture for the pageant. This was Gavin’s second time acolyting which was worrying enough for him. Though he did a great job. Zander did not feel confident that he could read the scriptures properly with only a week or so notice. He tends to rush when he reads and make word errors when public speaking. Instead he assisted with the practice the day before and dressing up the kids in their costumes. I am so proud of them for stepping up and assisting with the Sunday School at our church.20171210_103823


Now for the other 3. This year Trinity turned down the role of Mary. Not only has she been Mary a few times, but this year there was lines and some singing solos. Nope, not happening. Instead she and Echo were angels. So we pulled out the special dresses one more time and they looked absolutely adorable.20171210_102137


Emanuel’s role of choice has to be one of the 3 Wise Men. We have lost a lot of our boys in Sunday School, or they were not there on Sunday so all there was was Joseph and one Wise Man, but I think they carried it off.IMG_20171210_171551_177

The kids did a special Cherub choir practiced song along with the other musical numbers. It was all rather adorable. I have a couple videos of the singing you can watch.20171210_105741

Ken and I managed to get a few videos taken. Though his phone randomly overheated so not everything is shown. Enjoy!!

After church they were give their yearly snack bag. The younger 3 were sweet enough to share with their big brothers. This whole too old for a program thing is something we are still working on getting used to. Zander sat with me during the service since his job was done once the kids were dressed. We worked on his sermon notes together. That one on one time is so special.20171210_103145


20171210_113258The children did a great job of sharing the message of Jesus’ birth! it is a yearly tradition I will miss once the rest of the kids are too old to participate! I even got in a few pictures myself. 

I bought the silk shawl at Renaissance Festival

I bought the silk shawl at Renaissance Festival



And here are the rest of the group shots. A small but great group.20171210_102506






A Very Novak Christmas

December 9-10

It really IS beginning to feel like Christmas. Sunday hasn’t been a church day for us in quite some time, but this second Sunday in Advent was different. We were invited to celebrate Christmas with the children’s concert at the Novak family’s church (a Lutheran one, yay). Of course this coincided with the first REAL storm… 16 inches (around 41 cm) of snow in 24 hours… great for the kids… not so hot for the roads. But with some careful driving we made it all the way safely to the church just before the special service was to begin, thankfully Andrew and his grandparents and cousins were able to save us a pew.

Waiting for the service… note the RED lipstick Bree and Veronika… did I do good?

It was a great service with the Nativity story and lots of singing and 3 of the 4 Novak boys involved. We did have to take Echo out of the sanctuary a few times to trundle around but all in all once I separated Zander and Emanuel we did rather well.

Aidan… There will be an entry following this with the picture overflow. The expressions on the boys’ faces as they did their songs and parts were just too cute to not be shared!!

Alex looking dapper

Anthony the shepherd (left)

The final group number

After the concert there was birthday cake…


And then pictures…

Emanuel, Echo, Gavin, Zander and Trinity

11 kids!! (Gavin left)

And in front of the tree (Zander left)

Then back into the snow to head over to the Novak’s for playing in the snow…

So much snow all at once!

The second fort

Baking and decorating cookies…

Making cookies with Maggie

Darcy and the girls

Andrew manning the ovens

Visiting AND some presents! I have to say, I have never had my owls go over so well as when I give them to the Novak boys!

Present time

Andrew playing Santa

With the owls

With all that lovely snow sticking around Monday the boys bargained with me to let the morning just be outside play. So much snow and sunlight and fun for the kids!

So much bright white snow


Post snow smoothies (peanut butter banana) thanks to Nana

We did not end up starting the reindeer unit as of course there was a REPEAT out in the snow in the afternoon. It really does eat up the time, but they had so much fun! Gavin DID find some time to make our Art for Kids picture of a CHRISTMAS TREE!

A tree


With brand new puzzles thanks to the Novak family we of course had two boys sit down and right away want to complete one. These were NOT easy as they are holographic! But Emanuel and Gavin managed.

Emanuel and Gavin

We ended the day with Ken and Baba putting together the tree… slightly pre decorated and rather pretty. Add to that phone calls for work and immigration, mailing to deal with and Christmas crafting to feverishly finish and we are REALLY busy! But in a cheerful and Christmasy way!



Good News of Great Joy… a Book Review

Now that it is the Christmas season we can finally deal with our advanced copies of some theme appropriate books… Here is the kids’ review on the book Good News of Great Joy!

Trinity: I like Jesus. There was girls in it. It was cute Jesus.

Emanuel: The angels were good. Jesus was cute. I liked the story.

Gavin: The pictures were cool and I really liked the baby Jesus in the book. 

Zander: I really liked the book. My favourite part was the angels because they can fly and they are so beautiful. 

This kid friendly version of the Baby Jesus story was a hit with all 5 of our kids. Even 2 year old Echo was right there looking at the pictures and enjoying the words. I personally enjoyed reading this one, the rhyming was fun and the pictures cute and entertaining. One of my favourite lines was about Jesus being born: “And the baby in Mary was coming out soon!”… 

Kelly Pulley has taken the focus of Christmas for Christians and made it very accessible to children. It is a relatively quick read and the illustrations are sure to keep your little one interested. Good News of Great Joy is a terrific choice if you want a sweet rhyming book on the story of Jesus birth! 

Good News of Great Joy