Visitors on a Sunday

A bit of a scorcher but we managed to have an enjoyable Sunday. Lots of raspberries to pick and not nearly as many mosquitoes to squish… I even managed to grab some of the apples off the ground and the tree before the taller grass forced me out. We definitely need a good mow in our backyard.

Today was Emanuel’s day to head off to Grandma and Mike’s for an extended visit so he was bouncing off the walls in excitement. Mike and his daughter planned to head off to the fair so they dropped mom off for a visit. This freed Ken and myself to take Trinity to Walmart to get some groceries and then settle in for a nice visit with her.

Halfway through the afternoon Ada, Nathan and Baby Anna came over for a visit as well. She is growing like a weed our little god-daughter, now over 10 lbs! My mom took a turn holding her too (she LOVES babies) in our rocking chair… which meant Trinity wanted to sit with Grandma as well.

Grandma with her arms full!

I have to say it is so lovely snuggling Anna while waiting on our own little one – gender unknown. She is a sweet armful and was fun to snuggle with.

Baby and Me

Had to have Ken take a turn too of course!


So our house is short one child for the time being. I guess their plan is to head south 3 or so hoursĀ  to visit my brother and his family tomorrow for an overnighter. This is a great chance for Emanuel and Jimmie to get to know each other better without the overwhelming masses that we are in a small basement apartment. I am sure they will have a blast and Holly (my sister in law) has promised to take pictures for me.

Tomorrow we – Zander and Gavin and I – are going to make people with a special stamp set we borrowed from Karyn… it has all the piecesĀ  to make cute little stick people broken into different stamps so you can mix and match and personalize. I figure it is a good way to illustrate different families and for them to make little cards for people personalized to what they remember about that person/people.

I have moved on to the last of the commission and the drive to stitch these fingers limp… I WANT to be done it before mid week so I can post it off and stop worrying about it! Then onto the next project… which is either another surprise gift with a Chinese inspiration OR Tink and her afghan…

Time with Grandma for the win (Gavin)

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