As April Begins…

We begin our own journey as we wait for the electrical repair to be done on our new rental. Ken has signed the paperwork we just have to sit and wait… well visit and wait really. For the next little while we are at Chris and Chris’ while we await the van repair (I do believe I mentioned that last blog post). They have been so lovely to offer us what space they have to spare for a while. With Easter fast approaching we are REALLY hoping the van will be fixed and RELIABLE to get to my mom’s to celebrate. 

Yesterday was the wakthrough on our old place. Apparently the tenants previous to us were there 2 years (with kids) and trashed the place and the owners were SURPRISED we had not done damage and wondered how we had managed it… I really don’t know what to say. Yes, we have 5 kids and yes we are a busy family but rental or not, we do NOT destroy our living space. You clean, you put away… you don’t let the kids be destructive… isn’t that just the way it goes? Anyway, all of our stuff from INSIDE the house is in Kristen and Fydo’s garage… the stuff from our shed and outside in their backyard. I cannot say thank you enough to them for allowing us the space to keep our things. Everything feels so in control right now (well, except the van but that is “in the works”).

Well let me correct that… getting RID of the van is in the works. We did finally get a call from Canadian Tire this morning, well the coolant is fixed BUT (and it is a BIG but) they think there is more wrong and you have to fix the next thing to determine what is wrong… so do we throw more money in on a 96 Quest? Well stay tuned… Ken is THINKING about it. 

Gavin had a completion today with his reading book… poor kid was so excited he wanted the next level book… guess where that it? Right in one, in the friend’s garage. So… well I think we will try and find something else fun to do. Maybe some working with words, some reading of a story together… although there was a bit of a wrench thrown in that plan too (seriously this was NOT my Monday, everything I tried to do FAILED)…

All finished!

I went to the nearby library here with Karyn who is finally back from Saskatchewan and came to visit and catch up and get some baby snuggles. I was going to get my TAL card activated for this library… well they need ID… with your address on it… ummm I don’t have an address right this minute and  my ID has the WRONG address on it for our place we are now out of (we knew we were moving and since mine is a learners we decided not to pay to change it until after this move), so no go! ARGH… though we did check the library out and read some books.


While on the topic of screwed up list… I tried to call FisherPrice today to see if I could get a replacement magnet for the kids’ drawing board… NOPE, they no longer make that model (ARGH). So hopefully it is either somewhere in a box from the move OR in Chris and Chris’ upstairs and just temporarily out of sight. Figures…

OH and #3 – well I found out that according to our schoolboard website we CAN use Payment Order (PO) numbers for the second half of our funding starting April 1st…  so Ken called to check, well the office is closed for the whole week for EASTER! ARGH… so not until the 10th can we get a hold of anyone, Ken DID send off an email with the hope that MAYBE someone is checking them but I am not holding out hope. BUT that is still sooner than I thought I could get one (May) and I called around to both Staples in the city and the one near mom’s so when we DO get our PO number… well I will RUN to the store to get one!!

We did venture out while Echo was napping. It is a pretty direct route from Chris and Chris’ to the nearest Macs. So of course we had to walk to get treats. It wasn’t too bad until we had to walk BACK and I was the lucky person to get to hold the slurpee… with NO gloves. 

Getting some fresh air

So not the best start to the week though I did try my best. Tomorrow we are going to get around to making our thank you card for everyone at the hospital who was involved in Echo’s surgery. Mom got our call for her follow up. April 25th. So that means that the blacksmith fieldtrip I had signed the kids up for is out (same day), thankfully it was a free one. I also have to decide if we are taking ALL of the kids or going to try and find a sitter… bah never simple! 

The whole barest minimum school supplies thing is driving us all a little mad BUT we are making do. I am hoping to get a stop off at Dollarama tomorrow to AT LEAST get some Easter stickers… Easter is up in the air with the van situation but I will make the best of where ever we are! Next year we are going to do a REAL focus on Easter for our schooling… 

Tonight I need to finish stitching on a ribbon sash on one of Echo’s dresses and sort through the last bag of stuff I brought here and kept out of the storage pile. Tomorrow I hope to start in on the ribbon bows… I am supposed to do a craft table in June which means I need A LOT of owls and bows… I am thinking of doing up the bows in advance as I am about out of clips and need to hunt down all the lonely socks I can! 

Making do with the things we have

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