A Visit From Esther and Other Little Joys

Well the weekend is actually off to a good start. We went out to Walmart and shopped, bathed the baby, had a nap (yippee) and even had ESTHER come visit from Calgary! We did not make it out for a walk today, though we took out the new backpack carrier yesterday (Friday) and walked to 7-11. I just cannot give up my slurpees
Tomorrow we are going to TRY and get the diningroom/kitchen cleaned up and get the whole family out for a walk. We had the upstairs and downstairs apartments move out this weekend so the boys can fuss all they want and no one will complain so we are being toughies about sleep rules. In fact, Friday afternoon Gavin got OUT of his CRIB !! YIKES !! he feel on his way down right next to the door so I had trouble getting into the bedroom. I had to call Ken and get him to come home and help me calm the family down. So we definately need to get another room to put toys in.
I cannot belive how fast time is passing. Emanuel is 3 months old on the 3rd – we are going on Friday to the weigh in to get his weight and length. I am a little nervous about that – I know he is gaining but I am not sure I want to know how much – feels like he is growing up too fast. LOL I guess that is cuz "normal" to us is 10 week preemies. Normalcy for us is certainly NOT full term. My doctor joked after Emanuel was born that we need to do this one more time to really enjoy the feeling of "normal" hehe. i think we will take her up on that one… eventually.
Well no more appointments this week, more the following and then again in June (a check-up for Emanuel)… I am hoping we are seeing the end of them. I am tired of doctors and tests and more questions than answers. I will do what is best for the boys but still – I want a quiet week of healthy kids. Right now that feels like an impossibility right now.
You know though, in the grand scheme of things I am very blessed – 3 lovely boys, a loving husband who went and got an answer out of Family Allowance (yay)… a roof over our head and food in our bellies. Blessings a plenty.

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