Good Bye April, Hello May

Crummy weather for our last day of April… the month ended much as it started, dark and rather cool. At least no one was in the hospital.
Esther came by again today to say good-bye on her way back to Calgary. It is funny how after she visits I feel more lonely than before – not for long but it is definately a distinct change in mood. I guess I just really miss our college group… it is not that I do not enjoy my time with other mothers but it is a different dynamic. We talk about different things, reminisce, explore different ideas… it is nice. I miss using that part of my brain I used in school – learning all those abstract concepts in philosophy and discussing all the religious aspects of life. Funny hoe you never treasure such moments until they are in the past.
Well tomorrow is our first Monday Twin Group meeting. I am looking forward to getting the boys out to play with the kids. My mom has managed to find a way to get the afternoon off on the 11th so we do not have to take the twins to the city when we go to get Emanuel’s incision sites checked out by the surgeon. So the month IS looking up.
This coming Friday we are going in to get Emanuel weighed and check his length for his 3 month measurements. I still cannot believe it has been 3 months. Our third miracle
We did not manage to get the whole apartment clean though Ken did rearrange the livingroom and get it so there is no longer a fear of the boys clipping eachother’s fingers in the sliding glass door. So over the week we will work on the diningroom/kitchen. I just want to get the rooms the boys DO NOT play in as clean and controlled as possible. Ken even managed to give the boys a corner for all their toys and then have all of Emanuel’s toys and things near the tv in the opposite side of the room. It has meant shrinking his "pc cage" though.
Well good-bye April hello May.. hopefully a more ummm restful month.

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