Home Sweet Home

We are back home safe and sound now. Instead of staying at mom’s until after dinner after a VERY horrid night of the twins screaming about home and daddy I chose to go out and run some errands – copying at Staples, some groceries at Superstore and take the kids home to nap. We got drive through at MacDonalds – breakfast and then home. Emanuel had a nice sleep basically from the time we got home until some time after 1. Zander got up after 3 and here it is 4 and Gavin is still asleep! Zander has suggested cheese sandwiches so I am making grilled cheese for their supper. Thank goodness Ken gets home late tonight so at least TOMORROW evening he will be home.
I am so feeling the lack of sleep and being the "one in charge" add to that their worse than normal behavior and the frustration of so much stuff going on and no time to do it and I am DONE.
I did get a burst of energy when I got home and cleaned the kitchen table, the tv stand and the bathroom. I put away all but the last load of laundry put away – my mom dropped off some later this afternoon, I also got all our bits and pieces we took to mom’s put away. I still need to put the twins’ fan back – something they were VERY upset about at naptime though it was still at mom’s as well as do some more minor tidying. I want to get a good start on the cleaning I feel will help with our clutter. Yesterday I also paid our next month for the storage unit and have alerted the rental agent that my mom will be paying rent for us on Thursday – still well in time. I am still waiting on my eBay purchase though I received and absolutely lovely package from my UK buddy Cheryl! I love getting "nice" mail.
I got some sewing done at mom’s but still have a bit to go before I can add the backstitching to my baby gift for the den Otter’s upcoming. My cousin Amber is due any day now too. I also have the two books I picked up at the used bookstore to read. So I am thinking a nice soak after the boys are in bed – if they go easily, if not I will have to stay out to supervise and then go right to bed so fingers crossed.
Well not much more to recount. Just a definite need for some rest and relaxation, the past few days have been anything but!!!
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  1. Your husband is a fabulous individual; I enjoyed his company thoroughly.  I just wish YOU had been there!

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better and getting some time to yourself as well.  Take care, my dear, and I’ll talk to you soon!

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